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good source for ed drugs

"I have been ordering from this company for over 5 years and have never had any problems. "

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A good place to buy pills online

"Items were fairly priced and I was kept informed at each state of the purchase/delivery. I would not have asked for a better service. Thank you. "

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Great service, awesome price!

"They have changed their URL to www.Xcheap-Rx.in
Ordered a couple of times now and I must say that it couldn't have been easier. Fast secure delivery and the medicines are exactly as specified.
Much kudos to Xcheap-Rx.

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The Best

"Highly recommended; safe medicines; I love India; very accurate;
very dependable. You will not be fooled; just be patient.
I have now become a very loyal customer.

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"I have been dealing with this company for over 4 years and they have never disappointed me. I am ordering medicines for my husband. I had problem with one order, that was the fault of the post office. When I got tired to wait for ordered pills, they refunded my money but within several days after I got the refund I received the medicines and of course I paid for them. They compensated the inconveniences by offering me free pills and good discount on my next order.
I tried many other sites but xcheap-rx is the best. I was very much impressed with the great customer service that I received to correct my shipping situation.
Keep up the good work!

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"I have been a customer of this website for several years now, and have been nothing but satisfied... until now.

I placed an order at the end of November on the site; it allowed me to enter my cc info, order placed.

A few days later, I received an email indicating that they couldn't process my brand of cc (though my choice of card was an option in checkout), instead I would have to use a check.

They offered to send 30 pills extra for my inconvenience. So I used a check of course. Two days later I received an email saying that my order was cancelled... because their check verification service (which I've verified numerous orders through) was supposed to call my number to verify the check. They never did. This meant that my original order and the offer of 30 extra pills was cancelled, rendered null and void.

This upset me; and I retaliated by shooting off a few angry emails (I kept it professional) followed up by an immediate re-ordering of the pills (hey, after so many years of reliability, I figured this previous experience HAD to be an anomaly).

I was sent a confirmation email with tracking information that the USPS tracker says doesn't exist. They say on the site that it takes 10-20 days to receive your order, and it usually arrives in that time frame. Well, I placed the second order on the 12th of Dec... It is the 22nd of Jan; day 41... no pills.

I've sent numerous emails inquiring the whereabouts of my purchase, have yet to get a response. Upon calling the phone number associated, no one answers EVER, you must leave a message.

To recap, I was offered 30 pills for my original inconvenience, they reneged on that, I reordered, got a confirmation with a tracking number that isn't valid, sent emails about my concerns, haven't heard from them yet, order was to be received within 20 days... it's been 41.

I want a refund if I cannot get what I paid for. BUYER BEWARE, THIS WEBSITE IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE. I will update this review as things develop, because I can't allow what has happened to me happen to any of you.

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This is the first time I’ve posted to Resellers. I only write up comments about Customer Service and the overall quality of suppliers when there is something important to say. In this case there definitely is!
I should mention that I have taught consumer relations at a University Level and believe that it’s important to all concerned to recognize suppliers (or service providers of any kind) when they do a particularly good job – not just when there are problems.
If you’re just interested in the bottom line, I will begin by saying that my experience with this company ended up being the VERY BEST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD WITH AN ONLINE SUPPLIER. I have dealt with dozens of suppliers from small ones in China to Amazon. Not only have I taught Consumer Relations but I have owned retail companies and wholesale companies.
I can’t say enough good things about this company. Sure, I was taken aback originally about the requirement to use an “e-check” and to be honest, I almost didn’t order. As things turned out, it was an easy and safe procedure. (Note that I researched it with my banking officer before going forward.)
About the product:
I have tried several of the Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) tablets and they are definitely the real thing. I cannot justify the US prices but at the prices Xcheap-Rx.com offers, anyone can afford to use this great invention. I recommend that you consult your Doctor to make certain it’s OK for you to use them but they are safe for almost anyone. Then you should get the free sample that you’ll see advertised online from the US supplier when you google “Cialis” or “Generic Cialis”. If those work for you then definitely order from Xcheap-Rx.com to get a quantity at a great price. (I ordered 90 because that seemed just right for me.)
I should also mention that there was a minor delay in my order – probably the fault of my bank and not the supplier. Nevertheless, this wonderful supplier decided to send me some extra tabs to make up for the inconvenience. Now that’s what I call a great company!
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you order from Xcheap-Rx.com, I recommend that you deal with MARY. She is a terrific customer service person. In addition, if you mention that "George Sent You", she will take particularly good care of you.

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"I was very pleased with my interaction with the company. Their courier claimed they had delivered my shipment, but they had not done so. I explained this to Xcheap-Rx.com customer service, and they sent me the order a second time without charging me. I really do appreciate their attention to service."

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"Recived product, I did inquire and got a fast response. Excellent products and service. I have been ordering for several years"

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"I was very nervous placing an online Rx order of any kind for the first time. I was skeptical of e-check payment. I was wary of delivery methods. I was worried about the quality of the medications.

The site was real. The e-check payment was easy (be ready to verify your payment by phone). Shipping was ended up being about 3 weeks from the ship date, which was about a week after I placed the order. Real time tracking was not happening, but this was not Xcheap's fault. So, roughly, the time from placing the order to receipt of goods was just under a month. Finally, the medication is generic (as described) but completely effective.

With Xcheap-rx.com, I can stop worrying.

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"Sorry.. This is a real late post from my order back in August 2013. I have ordered twice from this company and so far I have nothing but good words for them. On my last order, it was 23 days out and no sign of my item. I emailed the company, got a reply within 24 hours. The rep got a confirmation that the item was missplaced or lost in CUSTOMS. They immediately sent out another order. I am getting ready to order again. Coodles to their rep. that answers the emails. Thank you"

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"I have been waiting for an order for 30 days. The tracking numbers given to me show no movement of my order. I have emailed the company twice and called once. When I called, I did not talk to a person but was forced to leave a message. It has been three days, and I have not received a reply. I definitely would not do business with this company again, although I have bought from them several times over the last several years and was heretofore satisfied with the product and service.

UPDATE 4/16/2014: My order was received approximately four weeks after placement. Xcheap-RX.com Has done a fine job of follow up regarding the unusually long time that it took for me to receive this order, and frankly, I am convinced that it was an unusual circumstances which caused the delay. Xcheap-RX has offered to compensate me for the delay by sending me 30 pills at no charge; I believe that this is a fair remedy for the delay in question. Based upon Xcheap-RX's response, I will continue to order from them in the future, and to recommend them wholeheartedly.

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"This is the third online pharmacy I have used, and while the other two were good, this one is hands down the best. The quality of the products I ordered was excellent. The price of the product was the lowest of any company that I was able to find and I really looked. The product was shipped on 1/14/2014 and arrived on 1/21/2014. They immediately sent me a tracking number upon shipment. I used a credit card that I rarely use and the bank questioned the purchase. Both the bank and the company let me know of the problem. I called the bank and everything went great from there. I will definitely be ordering from xcheap-rx.com again in the near future. "

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"The site was easy to order from. The customer service was excellent thanks to{ I don't think that she would want me to give out her name but I'll use her initials}M. C. and the product was effective as expected.
I've used Xcheap several times before and will continue to do so.

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"I have order a few time from Xcheap with no problem, but this time i had one. I notified customer service and to my amazement the response was incredible. Not only did they fix my problem, they did it very quickly. This is why i buy from Xcheap, the price and customer service. Anyone who does not buy from them have no idea what they are missing. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.


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