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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 1.67/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Absolute Ripoff

"If you need any help from this company you will never be able to talk to someone live. I tried to find out why my bulbs that have a lifetime warranty went out after six months twice and then had to pay $20 everytime one went out (so that is $80 total in shipping) total joke NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY."

Helpful Cool



"I really wish I had read the online reviews of this company before ordering not one, but two kits that did not fit my car (despite having triple-checked that I entered correct make and model info). In addition to "overnight" shipping that ended up being three days and a 20% restocking fee (ugh), the customer service is beyond awful. Both Howard (phone) and Louis (chat) -- who, let's face it, are probably the same ugly little man -- are astonishingly rude; in the course of three exchanges I was twice berated for being stupid and once told that 'reading is not your strong suit.' I recommend that you pay a little (or even a lot) more to literally any other seller on the planet, but do not give this company one single penny of your money."

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Xenon Pro is simply a ripoff and a scam.

"The product shipped to me was total junk. Return policy includes shipping back to Canada for nearly as much as the original purchase price.Don't do it!-you won't be happy with what you receive. I can't believe I fell for this scheme."

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Horrible Customer Service

"I ordered LED headlights for my husband for Christmas and 5 months after installation, the headlights stop working. My husband spoke with Louis C and he gave a few suggestions to try and fix it. After those suggestions did not work, he told Louis and he never got a response back. After waiting an hour for a response and even trying to say “hello” to get attention again, we gave up.

Two weeks later, I contacted again to see about a refund, and spoke with Louis C as well. He was very rude. He said that my husband or I did not have a chat in the past and treated me as I was incompetent by saying “ask your husband”. He would say that we could get new ones for $19.99 per item requested. When I asked if that was per headlight, he said no. Then, later after trying to figure out what he meant, I found out that I was correct in the first place and that the $19.99 was per headlight. He would never rephrase “per item requested” and tried making me feel dumb the whole time, even though I knew what I was talking about.

He even said why we would go and buy new headlights when we could’ve gotten these (for shipping of $39.98 nonetheless). I told him again we did try talking to get it resolved, but couldn’t wait anymore since we were going on a road trip and needed working headlights.

I said that we will not be paying the shipping and that we will just save up for better headlights. When I said we were planning on spending a few hundred on getting upgraded ones because we didn’t want to spend $40 every 6 months for replacements, he threw out all this math saying that with 7 years, you would get headlights for the price we would pay for the other ones.

**SO, with him saying this, it shows that he knows that they do not last long and that we would need to replace them multiple times! **

I have never been so disappointed with customer service in my life. I will be urging all my friends and family to stray far far away from this company.

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Terrible customer service

"Rude, rude tech support. Bulbs do not fit even though I was told over and over they do. Charging a restocking fee for the return even thou"

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Return Shipping - Fraud

"The product was $100 . I paid , and I have received a cheap &defective piece even not fit to my car I have raised a return request . They asked to send only by Fedex .
The Courier cost in $95 to Canada address just to get $70 refund . I just throw that product in dustbin , $100 loss for me. This company made us stupid.

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tech help rep was an obnoxious moron.

"I tried several times in simple terms to explain my installation problem to no avail. I asked to speak to his supervisor( politely) and he just terminated the conversation.

Never again.

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Another Sad Story

"I should have known better.
As soon as I opened the box, I knew I was just taken for a ride to the tune of $150.
First of all they didn't send the wiring harness I paid for.
The ballasts are of cheap quality , made with plastic housing rather than the aluminum stated in the ad.
There is nothing German about this kit. The illustration of the ballast on the box is different from the cheap ballast they sent.
With a 20% stocking fee and the cost of shipping these scoundrels make money just shipping the same crap to the next unsuspecting customer.
Like I stated earlier, I should have known better . Do your home work. Always check third party reviews. Never trust the reviews on the site selling you the product.

Helpful Cool



"Purchased LED bulbs and was informed at the time of purchase that i would need anti flicker resistors for them to work. total cost $215.23 . long story they did not work . after calling them and going on the live chat they told me to go to a performance shop to have them installed. I AM A MECHANIC. these should plug in and work. they sent me an email to return them and on the email (it said customer was aware of 20% restocking fee) and i had to ship them back by Fedex or they would not accept the parcel I PAID $215.23 +$14.79 TO SHIP THEM BACK AND RECEIVED A REFUND OF $160.27 ALMOST $70.00 OUT OF POCKET FOR JUNK THAT DID NOT WORK.I CALLED VISA AND COMPLAINED AND WAS CREDITED $50.00 FROM VISA ./////////BUT THESE GUYS GET AWAY WITH THE $70.00///////"

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If you value your time, money, stress, high blood pressure, and humanity DO NOT ever ever buy anything from here.

"The products here are junk and more junk. Their Lifetime warranty is only good as if they will honor it. The bulbs have no German made markings, which they all do on other sellers. They will rush to send off packages regardless it will fit your car or not. Then your hell starts after that. The phone number listed is for SALES ONLY and the same guy who always answers it will let your know that as well. Online chat is one guys chatting with dozens of people at the same time with NO idea of the products the site sales. You have been warned. "

Helpful Cool


Does not work or fit right

"bought 2 LED bulbs ( came in the kit) 9005 and they did not fit right nor would they turn on , wasted $200 CND , this company sells garbage for super expensive. For returns they will charge you 20% restocking fee and you also have to pay for shipping. The bulbs have NO BRAND, and when asked why they said its because its their own products and they dont want to brand it. ( i think its literally made in a basement last minute) Their LED bulb kits were 50% off which means i would have spent 400 if they didn't have a sale ? lmao ok contacted support and they steer away from the issue. All the ratings on their website is fake. "

Helpful Cool


Bad Operation

"Do not buy from this company. Their product is inferior and they do not return phone calls or respond to emails, a complete waste of money"

Helpful Cool


"I purshased a kit for my 2007 Accent, the kit according to their web sight is "plug and play". Do not believe it, it aint so. It is impossible to actually speak with a real person in tech support or customer support, only much delayed e-mails with no resolution. The Fed Ex ground return shipping is over $100 and even though this non fit kit was their fault they refused to pay return shipping or to wave the restocking fee. I can only imaging the difficulties someone would encounter if trying to get warranty replacement parts. BUYER BE WARE!!!!"

Helpful Cool


"Buyer Beware. I received a defective kit. All returns are at the customers expense and must be shipped fedex ground only. Xenonpro is in Canada and an international return from GA costs $34. They charge a 20% restocking fee even on defective merchandise.
Total cost of return was $58 out of my pocket.
They emailed a supplemental installation instruction sheet advising me to try reversing the polarity to see if the lights would come one. I did get one light to turn on by reversing polarity - hooking up red to black and black to red. Junk in every way.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered from Xenon Pros on a friday, put in for rush shipping. There's 1 thing this company does, is they mail out their product to you very fast. I got my package, and installation was very easy, as are all HID kits. There were no instructions in the box, I should note, but I knew what to do.

Fast forward 1 night later, and the right bulb will hesitate to ignite. So i'll have to turn lights on and off multiple times for it to light up. This, people, is what cheap product is.

The problem I have with them, is when I call, they do not answer. I have left 2-3 voicemails a day, every other day for a week. There is NO excuse why they have not returned my call, these people simply ignored my messages that's what it is. I finally wrote them an email and I was far from nice. And he responded. No apologies, no nothing as if I had not been experiencing any problems.

PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Save yourself some headache. I was dumb, I read all the reviews above, and figured... only couple people having issues, what are odds? Well how much more wrong could I be.

I honestly wouldn't be so annoyed with their cheap kits (that they claim is authentic etc.. etc..) if they simply had decent customer service.

Helpful Cool

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