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Great scooter, Great service

"My son scooters miles a day (over 100 lbs of teenage boy) - the way most kids ride bikes everywhere...he scooters. Even the high end razors where crapping out after 6 months with structural issues. We have not had this a year yet and it did need a major repair - but xootr did it for free including shipping. Now we need brake pads - no surprise. But it's something that can be maintained and fixed! These were not built to be obsolete and tossed in the trash. It looks cool and he loves it! Thank you for a great product!!!!"

Helpful Cool



"These things are bulletproof. Ordered for nephew and he gives it all the use and abuse you can imagine and then some. never breaks, keeps on rolling. made in USA i beleive."

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Great Urban Transport !!

"I really love my xootr! I did a lot of research and found that it was one of the top for urban transport. I walk all over Manhattan and I also am a courier. Steve is great! He is the customer service guy and goes above and beyond! He helped me with questions that I had since I have never had a scooter and it was my first time. He replaced my handle bar plugs and also knew exactly what I needed for traveling up and down Manhattan. I would recommend ordering a xootr for anyone who lives in an urban area and if you leisurely like to just explore. I am definitely a loyal customer!!!"

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Fun Assistive Technology

"I love my xooter! My husband and daughter each have their own.
Bought the first to take my kid the 10+ blocks to pre-k, and this year she started high school!

My scooter has had more use, wear and tear than most;
You see, it was my only way to get around the streets of nyc while my bad hip got worse and worse,
- because of the scooter, I could procrastinate replacement surgery, and glide around in style.

My orthopedic surgeon even gave me a note to pull out in fancy lobbies when security would come down on me.
Oh the pleasure to scoot and slide on the supersmooth shiny floors while they tensed up with trepidation.
I also loved flashing my note in response to the subway police grimacing, and even once, trying to arrest me!
This December I finally had surgery and have a brand new functional hip.

When people notice I’ve arrived sans scooter now, I let them know that while I do love my new hip, I love my xooter.
They are truly my wheels and I will continue scooting nyc for all the right reasons now.

Thanks so much—for everything
and for the new wheels and handgrips. Mine were truly worn.

Most Sincerely,
(p.s. my doctor’s note is still in my wallet -Ssshhhhh).

Helpful Cool


"I became interested in a folding bike so I could on any given day, pull it from my trunk and take a lunch ride. After checking several models, I picked the Xooter Swift for it's good looks, and because another reviewer indicated he was 265 lbs, and no problems. I called the support line and enjoyed a nice and informative chat with the rep. (web site had the same info, but I still like to talk to a person.) I ordered it 20 minutes later. Assembly was easy, and I have enjoyed several rides so far. The 8 speed shifter is great, and I really like the gear indicator. I don't need any more speeds for where I am. It is faster than my mountain bike. When I stop somewhere, and pull the seat post, it collapses part way, and the strange looks it get's while parked is actually funny. I have no problems so far, and btw, it is very quick to pull from trunk, and assemble. 15 seconds for handlebar and seatpost and 3 quick release clamps."

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"I've owned my Xootr MG for at least 7 years now. I started out riding my 5 year old to school on it and now that 5 year is a 12 year old and proud owner of his own Neon green Xootr MG. Over the years I have had to replace the brake twice and wheel once - not bad for the hundreds of miles ridden on NYC streets. Steve, the seemingly one-man-show at Xootr has been the most amazing, generous and supportive individual I've ever dealt with at ANY company. I hope Xootr has given him shares. "

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"I had a problem with my handlebar that broke, I emailed support and they offered to send me a new one as a loaner while they fixed the handlebar. Although not ideal that it broke the service was great. I ride it every day 4 miles total. "

Helpful Cool


"I've ordered a Green Xootr Neon Mg directly from Xootr. It arrived last week. In my ordering process either I made a mistake or website had a bug (I think it was a bug), but when I saw a confirmation email the color was orange and not green. I wanted green, so I've sent email to Xootr and they were very nice to send me the color I wanted. I really appreciated that. Scooter came on time as promised in good order. So I am very happy with the seller.

Scooter looks really great. Paint job and finish are of a superior quality - real eye catcher. Wide, long and low sitting platform is making the ride quite smooth. In my family of four we all have a scooter (each of a different make: Razor A5, Micro Flex Blue and another one less known brand). Xootr was for my wife. She really enjoyed the ride and made us quite jealous.

Although not all things were superior in Xootr. Inspite of two breaks on Xootr my Mico Flex breaks a lot more efficiently. Ride is also a bit smoother in Micro Flex because of the flex board. Nethertheless long, low, wide and steady board on Xootr makes the ride very pleasant and addictive. You can feel how solid that thing is. Magnesium board! It's an aviation material. Makes me feel I've got a real high tech stuff. And hand break makes things even more natural when you ride it. Very seductive ride.

If scooters were cars then Xootr would be a Mercedes, Micro Flex would be a Lexus and Razor A5 would be a Honda (I've had all these cars so I know what I am talking about).

Helpful Cool


"I admit, I got my Xootr used at a garage sale from a fairly wealthy family. Their oldest son had just left for college, and he felt he had "outgrown" it. Since I'm 55, I knew immediately that kid was going to have miserable life. But I paid $35 measly bucks and got the best ride ever.

I work at a driving range (read: Automobile driving range) which covers 40 acres of property. Sometimes I need to get from one end of the range to the other, FAST! I run and stay in shape, but this is the only way to get where I need to be FASTER! Other coaches at the range have their own little Razors and "mountainboard" type scooters, but my Xootr is not only fast, but smooth, turns precisely, and perfectly balanced. It outperforms any scooter I've come across. It's the Ferrari of scooters!

Last year, I used my Xootr on a city-wide festival event to promote the use of two-wheels throughout the city. Modeled after "the Amazing Race," I used my Xootr to get me around to about 15 miles of the city. Other contestants and teams used bicycles. My team didn't win, but we were given a special award for the most unique use of two-wheels. Not as fast as bicycles, but certainly road worthy and got the job done in style! I see my Xootr as a true form of transportation.

Helpful Cool


"I bought an MG Xootr years ago, after having seen a couple while in NYC. When I needed to get around my home city of Boston in a flash, I knew the Xootr was JUST the thing... and it has been a great thing to have around for heading out for coffee, down to the local shops, etc...
When I met my wife to be, her son (7 years old) adopted my Xootr as his own, dropping his small-wheel scooter immediately. As he said, "There's really no comparison!" We are now a two-Xoot family, with the addition of a Roma to the mix. We Xootr to playground, to the beach, down to the shops for breakfast, etc...
They aren't Razors. They aren't cheap (in any way, from build quality to price). They have room for feet. They don't trip over a pebble. They are real transportation... fast, smooth, float over bumps in the road... a better scoot, with size and appeal for an adult, but totally great for littler ones as well... Really... You should get one. Or more.

Helpful Cool


"I first saw the Xootr scooter in a 1999 Popular Science Magazine featuring, "the greatest inventions for the next millennium." I thought the Xootr would be a perfect companion for me in my layover off time as an airline pilot. I've put thousands of miles on my Xootr; now on my third set of wheels. I've Xootr'd everywhere from Buenos Aires, to Tokyo, to Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Honolulu, and at nearly every major domestic US city. I have to get over the fact I'm an overweight middle-aged man rooting around on a "scooter". But thus far...no one has recognized me ; ). It gives me the biggest smile riding it, bringing contagious smiles to those observing how much fun I'm having. Ride On Xootr!!"

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"I've owned my Xootr Swift for almost a year and count it as one of my best purchases of 2014. I live in Manhattan, own two other non-folding bikes, and regularly commute by bike. I'm 6' and 240 lbs. I chose the Xootr Swift because it's the only folding bike I'm aware of that can safely accommodate heavier riders. The Swift's compact size allows for easy storage in my apartment and at work. I've had to bring it on the subway on the odd occasion (but never at peak hours!) and it's definitely less conspicuous than a regular bike. Also light enough to carry up and down stairs with ease. Regarding how it rides: You're not as high from the ground as on a regular bike due to the smaller wheels BUT how you sit/fit on the Xootr Swift is pretty much the same as on any other bike because of its geometry. The frame is solid, without any flex, and the ride is smooth and zippy. Yes, it is absolutely true that you can go as fast or faster than other bikes without peddling any harder. Hills also feel the same as on other bikes -- one of my regular routes involves going up the East Drive in Central Park and several long inclines in Washington Heights/Inwood. Hopefully this is enough information to help determine is this is the bike for you!"

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"I now have two Xootrs at my office -- big warehouse, these are useful for zipping from one end to the other. The first has lasted great and still in heavy use. The second just came, and again is a super smooth ride. Love these things."

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"The Xootr is an excellent product, absolutely everything that was promised. The service from the company has been fantastic! My order shipped the same day as I placed the order. And I actually received a follow-up email to ensure my satisfaction with the Xootr. You don't get that from many other online resellers. Great job and great product!"

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"Love Steve! Such good customer service."

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