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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 9.17/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.88/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.88/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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Playing is believing

"Seeing is believing – to a point. Read the reviews and watch the videos, then order a Zager guitar. You won’t know the value of a Zager guitar until you have one delivered to your home. You won’t know the quality until you play a Zager. My ZAD50 EZ Play guitar is just right for me. Zager’s customer service is the best. They made absolutely sure I was happy and I am. Order a Zager guitar today. You can’t go wrong. Playing is believing."

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I'm Playing Again

"I am 77 years old and over 5 years ago developed some hand problems that caused me to stop playing. Even after a couple of years of therapy I could no longer depress the strings on my Martin D28 to produce a clear chord. I recently came across the webste of Zager guitars with their claims of ease of play, 100% money back Guarantee plus a lifetime warrenty. So, I sold my Martin, studied the various Zager models, settled on the ZAD80 and punched the buy button. I couldn't be more pleased. The guitar is beautiful and plays just as Mr. Zager said it would. So, I'm playing again and with what is most likely my last guitar."

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38” Mahogany Acoustic

"What a wonderful guitar, and the sound and playability is unreal!!! I will definitely get another Zager!!!"

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Worth every cent & more!

"I had never physically seen or touched a Zager, so it was a leap of faith to hit that purchase button and await the arrival. I am SO VERY HAPPY that I did, and were I wealthy, I'd do it again. :) Always good to have a back-up, right?!
Now to the nitty gritty details: I am 5'2" , on a good day... with heels. I took advantage of the helpful videos on Zager's website, and with their help was able to select the OM model. It is an absolutely perfect fit! I have played the piano, fiddle, and mandolin for years, but I am a beginning guitar student. I was about to give up, I was so very frustrated. I was taking advantage of my siblings dreadnoughts, trying to come to terms with one of them, and it just was not working. Sadly, I didn't realize that it was because the instruments were too large, and were not set up for beginners. I just thought I was hopeless. I was tearing up my fingertips on their high actions, (even with my existing callouses) and was plagued with hand cramps as I struggled to strengthen and gain more flexibility in my hand and wrist. I nearly had a meltdown when my teacher introduced bar chords. Seriously, nearly threw the towel in. I even purchased those stupid silicone fingertip guards, that's how desperate I was. So, while I was really struggling with the chords and scales, I was also failing miserably to set up decent strumming patterns. I'd no sooner get in the groove, then my right hand would drift down near the saddle. It was very stiff, and awkward sounding, with no consistency. Again, I assumed that it was because I was failing to split my concentration between the two hands. My first lesson - last week - with my Zager was euphoric! I never would have imagined what a difference this new guitar would make. Do you know that I can keep up a strumming rhythm?! It is so easy and natural, and my hand just naturally stays where it is supposed to over the sound hole. I can reach it! Amazing. So much freer and more natural. Here's the kicker, I am actually happy to practice, instead of fighting pain and frustration every time I pick up a guitar. I am flying through bar chords that I had already secretly determined to cheat my way out of! As for the customer service, they are really firing on all cylinders. I am so very impressed. I contacted Zager thru email with a question on my invoice, and they responded almost immediately. And their response was incredibly kind and generous. They certainly went above and beyond, and I am most grateful. I have been dragging this guitar with me everywhere I go, and telling all who will listen that they really do need a Zager in their life!

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Wonderful Zager ZAD-900CE

"I love Zager guitars, having purchased my first Zager, a ZAD-80CE, in 2007. I found Zager guitars to be such wonderful instruments that I sold a 40 year-old Martin D-21 made with Brazilian hardwood after purchasing the ZAD-80CE. Even though my Martin was 40 years old, the new Zager sounded so much better, along with being easier to play, that I thought it best to pass the D-21 on to someone who would continue to enjoy it. I later bought a used ZAD-50CE as a traveling and back up guitar. Four months ago I decided to splurge, purchasing a ZAD-900CE. My only hesitation in purchasing any new guitar that cost $2000-$5000, which is what I had been looking at, was the cost; but I have a wonderful wife who said that music gives me such enjoyment, that I should allow myself a gorgeous instrument as my retirement gift to myself. What a beautiful instrument! I can’t say enough about it. I play mostly fingerstyle, including a little Celtic, and find Zager’s to have very even volume across all six strings, so the sound feels very balanced. As a fingerstyle player, I really appreciate the even volume and balanced tonal quality. My wife is not a musician, but as soon as I started playing the 900 she exclaimed how it sounded even better than the 80, which is what I usually played. Over the years I have played more expensive instruments with one of my favorite being a McPherson, but the least expensive McPherson that I could find last year when I decided to indulge in a more expensive guitar was over $9000 . . . and was sitting in a music store 800 miles away. With both Zagers purchased from Zager Guitars, shipping was prompt. I will also add that I have found their customer service to be first rate. Their guarantee that you can return an instrument for a full refund should give you some confidence that if after receiving a guitar and trying it you find that it does not meet your expectations, you can ship it back. I would bet that players rarely take them up on their guarantee. (The only negative I can provide is not about Zager or Zager guitars, but about Fishman. When I tried to download software updates for the pre-amp/tuner from Fishman, my antivirus software blocked it. I contacted Fishman requesting guidance, but they never responded. The pre-amp/tuner works fine; I play at a lot of open mic nights, so having a pre-amp really simplifies plugging into the venues’ sound systems. Not having the downloads isn’t a problem, but the lack of response from Fishman was a disappointment. This would not inhibit me from buying another Zager guitar if I needed or wanted one. I still rate Zager 5 stars.) I hope this review is helpful to you. If you do try a Zager, I think you will be very impressed, especially at their prices. In my experience, the compare to well known guitars that cost 2-3 times as much, if not more. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Zagers, and continue to enjoy them almost daily. Believe me, you will get a great instrument for a great price!"

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Beautiful Guitar well designed for Guitarists. It's the best and easy play I own.

" 3/22/18 Zager guitar is the best guitar I own. My brother loves his Zager guitar too because he has large hands and the way the Zager guitar is
designed, the luthier spaces the strings and gives a little more room for your fingers and it has made a huge difference because my brother's hands were hurting and now he has the Zager 90CE Aura and loves it and Zager has taken that hurt away and has made playing a Zager guitar easy and now he plays longer with comfortability. The sound is beautiful and Zager adds the Fishman electronics so you can access Fishman library for imaging and all you need is a Fishman preamp.

I have Parlor CE acoustic guitar and it's beautiful and the right size for me as I'm 5'1 and it feels very comfortable to have smaller guitar. I love it.
I also loved the sound, tone, mellowness of the Zager 80 CE OM Guitar and I just had to have to add to my collection and I'm looking forward to getting it. I can't wait.

Zager Guitars are absolutely brilliant and the prices of these guitars are more than fair as they would be more costly buying in a store. The Zager web has everything you need in a great guitar. The benefits of lower prices and prices discounted. The Lifetime warranty. The craftsmanship most of all and the other are great benefits that Zager Guitar offers. They are very nice business people and I had an excellent business experience as they go out of their way to answer any questions you have immediately. I love my Zager Guitar. I'm so happy I found Zager Guitar's.

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Greatest guitar I've every had!

"I've been trying to learn guitar for decades, but I never properly searched for the right guitar to learn on. I have now invested in the Zagar e-zplay parlor guitar and it's just perfect! It's a bit smaller (good for my medium female frame) and it really is "easier" to play. Not sure how they do it, but that makes me want to spend more time playing and learning guitar. The "hype" is real on this guitar, but it's really wonderful for a beginner and for a woman. It's also beautiful and sounds great. I wish I had purchased this guitar a long time ago! I must also mention the wonderful, personal attention I received from the company. Immediate, personal email response to my order and to every email I have sent them. They really care about their guitars and the people who purchase them. The entire experience dealing with Zanger has been a pleasure."

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Zager 4/5 Parlor Electric a small guitar with a big sound.

If you are like me you depend upon reviews to help make a decision on whether to purchase a product or not. I hope the following helps you in your decision as to whether you purchase a Zager Easy Play Parlor Size Electric Acoustic Guitar.

I have been playing guitar on and off, mostly off, for a number of years. One of the main reasons I haven’t been playing is hand pain due to arthritis in my hands. Just before Christmas I was just exploring the internet looking at new guitars when I came across the Zager Guitars. Here was a luthier by the name of Denny Zager backing up his product with a money back guarantee including shipping. Who else does that? I went through the reviews and was comfortable with personal statements from both well known and unknown customers. My wife and I enjoy camping with our 20’ trailer so the Parlor Size Electric was just right our needs.

Just after Christmas I ordered my new guitar. I was surprised at how fast it arrived from Lincoln Nebraska. The first thing I noticed after opening the box and ABS molded case was how nice the African Mahogany looks. I tuned it up with little adjustment, even though the strings are new. It sounded fine for a small guitar and it was new so it was expected to change due to the wood curing. I have been playing it for about two months or so now and both my wife and I have noticed how much richer the sound is. The only adjustment I have had to make is in how I grip the neck and form the chords. It requires less finger pressure to get the chords to sound right, but that isn’t a problem. It is the main reason I chose the Zager brand over a Martin or a Taylor.

Through out the process of purchasing the guitar I have been working with Dennis Zager Jr. the owner’s son. I have never experienced the level of customer support that he has provided. He has promptly responded to my questions and concerns. I am not aware of another guitar company who responds to their customer’s questions and concerns as well as Dennis Zager Jr.

Now that spring time is just around the corner I am looking forward to taking the guitar along when we go camping. Maybe you will find me playing my Zager by a campfire somewhere in California. If you do please stop by and say hello.

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One of the best investments I've ever made.

"I'm retired and was looking for a guitar but I didn't want to pay any exorbitant prices. I've been a 5-string banjo and bass player most of my musical career but now I wanted to take up guitar.I found out about Zager guitars on the Ultimate Guitar web site and after some moderate research decided to give them a shot.I decided on the ZAD50/Satin guitar and at the time they were running a nice little promo package to go with it. I dealt with Dennis Zager,Jr. the entire time and he couldn't have been more helpful.From the time I placed the order to delivery date,it was four days.Everything arrived safe and sound without a snag.By the way shipping was free. The guitar itself easily surpassed all of my expectations.Tone quality seems to actually improve the more I play it.I've played on Taylors and Martins owned by friends of mine and the Zager easily gives them a run for the money.As far as neck action I was also extremely pleased.Every aspect of my Zager Guitar experience has been positive and gratifying.Each day I look forward to playing my new Zager and I thank the crew at Zager Guitar for that opportunity."

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Best guitar company in the USA

"It doesn't get any better than a Zager. I don't have the ZAD20 but I recently took hold of their flagship guitar, the ZAD900CE Aura! It is an incredible guitar that sounds great, looks gorgeous and plays better than most of the expensive guitars I've owned and have played previously. I've been playing guitar for nearly 40 years and in that time I've owned Martin, Gibson, Fender, Squire, Takamine, Ibanez, Washburn, Cordoba, Sigma, Seagull, etc... All very nice guitars but none can hold a candle to my Zager ZAD900CE. The attention to detail and fine craftsmanship that Denny Zager puts in to his guitars is exquisite not to mention Zager's Customer Service is the best I have ever come across. Do yourself a favor. If you're getting ready to spend a lot of money on one of the big name brands, try a Zager first. It's absolutely risk free. Zager offers a full, 100% money-back guarantee and will pay shipping and insurance both ways if you're not satisfied. Seriously. Zager is the best kept secret in acoustic guitars."

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