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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 4.17/10
Shipping & packaging: 5.00/10
Customer service: 5.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Amazon dumbness continues to downgrade Zappos

"If you read recent reviews here, a theme will emerge: Zappos ain't what it used to be.

As you probably know, Zappos ceased to be Zappos in 2009 with the company was purchased by Amazon -- Zappazon? Prior to that, their dedication to customer service was top notch. Not so much any more. And note that they are not ResellerRatings merchant member.

Amazon's search engine is notoriously bad, returning loads of unrelated hits that confuse the results of simple, clear searches. Zappos just doesn't work well and they don't seem to care about it.

Today I searched Zappos for zumba shoes using just the word zumba. Zero hits so I assumed they don't have any. But out of curiosity, I chatted online with Dalia to find out if I was missing something. After all, Zumba is the largest fitness brand in the world. Nope, no way to search for zumba shoes, though she provided some suggestions. I then suggested it might be a good idea to create a new filter category for Zumba. She responded that they don't sell too many Zumba shoes, implying that it would not be worth it. Hmmm . . . maybe Zappos doesn't sell many because they make it difficult for potential buyers to find them? Nah, that wouldn't occur to them. Duh. So much for Tony Hsieh's mission to overdeliver customer service.


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Easy exchange

"I bought a pair of top of the line Asics running shoes. After a month they started to tear. I reached out over live chat. Dalia was fantastic! She found my order quickly and within minutes I had a new pair set to arrive the next day. When ever I have chatted with Zzppos customer service they have been awesome. "

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Shipping ****

"Still waiting on these shoes I bought from Amazon. This company takes forever to ship there items! Will not buy from them again!"

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Wrong boots

"Ordered boots for a birthday gift for my son. They arrived today. Opened the box and not only were they the wrong boots, they were two different brand boots AND they were both for the right foot! (Not a right and left foot, but two right-footed boots) When we called to let them know their mistake, we were told that the boots we had ordered were not available. Now why on earth would they have not called us to let us know we could not get what we ordered? Why on earth would they send us two right-footed boots that not even close to the design we ordered? So disappointed and will NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!! And we were told to not return the boots but to throw them out. I'm beside myself. UNREAL! "

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NOT the Same Zappos Anymore

"I used to LOVE Zappos. They were the best. Customer Service WAS Phenomenal. I was purchased to much from them that they used to send me birthday gifts and cards (which I thought was just awesome).
Over the past years (since Amazon is involved) Zappos has gone way down hill. I received so many wrong items, defective items etc but I always let it slide because the customer service was great. My last straw was this morning when I chatted to do two exchanges (same shoe, same price just different color). First off I was chatting with them for over one hour which is ridiculous. Secondly they told me you can only do one exchange per day so to chat back and waste another hour tomorrow to exchange my second item. NOT!! They advertise hassle free exchanges and returns 24/7/365 days per year. That is absolutely NOT the case anymore. I will NEVER shop Zappos again and I have been a customer since 2010. Do not shop there they are not the same company anymore.

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wrong coat/ excellent service

"I was sent a coat slightly different than the one I ordered. I called zappos and the immediately tried to solve the issue. Because I was leaving for a trip too soon to recover the right one they refunded me the full cost of the coat, with no hassle for me. I am weary of online shopping, but feel confident in shopping with them!"

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No more Zappos for me!

"I have been a very loyal customer and have always enjoyed Zappos' selection and customer service, but in light of recent political issues that have forced me to be honest with myself about values and ethics, I am now shopping exclusively at DSW.com and shoes.com.

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Exceeded my expectations!

"I wasn't a regular customer of Zappos. I ordered a pair of shoes for an event this month. Before that my only other order was from 2013.

The shoes that arrived were already scuffed and had clearly been worn by someone and returned to Zappos. I contacted customer service and they offered to send another pair, but they wouldn't arrive in time for my event. I ended up deciding to keep the shoes, but Zappos refunded my entire order because of the bad experience. That was unexpected, but appreciated. Then I received a follow-up email. They gave me a gift card code to be used in the next 90 days. So I received a full refund, free shoes, and money to spend on anything I wanted with no minimums or restrictions.

Incredibly good customer service. I've placed two more orders since then. I am delighted with Zappos.


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Price match or not?

"In my opinion, the Zappos customer service has gone down the drain. I recently chatted with a customer service rep who claimed that Zappos does price match. He then told me the discount code would be emailed to me on the item in question. He abruptly ended the chat when I asked him if the price could be lower. I reconnected with the customer service immediately and got another rep and I asked to chat with a manager. I later received in my email with the discount of $2.01 for a $260 item. Got to be joking me, right? I chatted with another manager the following day who claimed that Zappos doesn't do price match but a discount would be given to me, as a 'one time courtesy.' Pretty snobbish. I asked to chat with the other manager who I chatted the day before. No can do. Long story short, we have decided not to purchase from Zappos. Inconsistencies and TOO MUCH attitude to deal with."

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Gracias 58 04123605721

"Gracias por esta oprtunidad que me ha dado..saludos desde Venezuela, Caracas"

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Absolutely hands down the single best online retailer

" In my many and varied experience, I have found that Zappos is the ultimate online shopping experience. Their website interface is clean, searching for items is easy, the prices are reasonable, delivery is in two days, and their return policy is ridiculously kind. On top of that, you pick up the phone and call them, and real human beings answer the phone willing and eager to solve your issue. "

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Impeccable Customer Service

"Purchased some shoes with a $25 coupon and returned two pairs but the discount wasn't reapplied to the remaining shoes I kept. Customer service rep Jenna B. explained only gift cards are reapplied but kindly offered me another coupon to use toward the shoes I kept. I told her how appreciative I was being pregnant and my shoes not fitting. A week later I was pleasantly surprised by a gift box containing Zappos branded baby items! I haven't used Zappos much but they've won me over with their impeccable customer service!"

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Excellent Service!!

"Ordered a $50.00 pair of flip-flops for my husband, and got them in like two days later. When they were a little too small (my bad) I called to ask for an exchange. They said they would email me a return label. For some reason the email wouldn't come through; so the girl told me, "don't worry about it, just give the flip-flops to someone you know, and we'll send you the new pair free of charge." We received the new flip-flops the very next day and were able to give the other pair to my brother. Both customer service reps I talked to were extremely kind and helpful. This company gets 5 stars! (Not to mention the quality flip-flops.) :) "

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"Priced higher then normal but this company more then makes up for it in ways that will knock your socks off!! Exceptional customer service via phone or email. They ship your merchandise to you within TWO delivery days (FREE for the customer) instead of the average 7-10 days.

I recently ordered two boots from them and chose Zappos because I prefer offbeat brands which unfortunately causes them to sell out quickly. Once they start getting hard to find, fake business will pop in with much cheaper pricing for the same shoe. These scammers are engaging in bait and switch. They will never give you the shoes you ordered. This is probably why Zappos is higher priced then other stores and end up still having some"hard to find" items in stock. Zappos does not bait and switch and If they say they have it, they have it.

When the boots arrived they were fairly well packaged. Outside box protecting the inside box. I would have preferred a little stuffing in the outside box to help protect the merchandise in case it got knocked around. Nevertheless the boots were fine and packaged inside their boxes with lots and lots of packing, plus rolled up in soft cotton boot baggies to ensure no accidental scuffing.

I have no idea how this happened but I ordered the wrong size. They were on top if it right away offering multiple ways for me to return it, postage free for a full credit to my card. I immediately bought the right size and had those at my doorstep before I had gotten around to returning the other pair. These folks are really on top of things and the shoes are all delightful!

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