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Product & services pricing 3.13/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 2.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.50/10
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Perfect rma

"Bought a P2 supernova 850w 3 years ago, developed an issue with the 5v rail output being too low, sent off to the new UK base in preston, received a brand new P2 1000w supernova from Germany. Whole process inside two weeks. Brilliant"

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Finding excuses to disallow warranty returns

"Over the years, I have purchased numerous EVGA motherboards, graphics cards and power supplies. I recently purchased a new Z270 Classified K board from them. It never worked right and took 3 weeks to convince them it was bad. I paid for cross shipping, replaced the system board (which now works perfectly) and packaged the defective board for return. My mistake was trying to replace the black CPU protective cap on the defective board. It can't be done. In the process, I bent some of the CPU pins. They claimed the bent pins invalidated the warranty. I am out $300.00. Next, my sons 1 1/2 year old Z170 Classified K system board flat out failed. Only the power button on the board would blink, no other lights. I opened an RMA, they sent a cross-ship pre-paid replacement (Z270 FTW K, no longer had Z170). This time, I was more careful with the protective cap, but I still could not get it to fit and be able to close the locking arm. A few of the pins bent again. I straitened the as best I could, But again, warranty denied.

I went to their website and started a chat session, asking "How to replace the protective cap properly without bending CPU pins?". The reply from Andrew B was to place the cap over the pins and tape it down. What about the locking arm?

I am now out over $500.00 and all calls and conversations with customer service reps, supervisors and managers have had no positive results.

The replacement Z270 FTW K board was also defective. I am now in possession of the defective replacements replacement. We will see what creative method the will use to charge me for that board as well.


Their quality control must have cost too much because it seems they have done away with it. On April 19th, I opened an RMA on the first board. By April 27th, the RMA number had increased by over 400. I did not get the (also defective) replacement board until May 7th.


Update: The 3rd system board the (finally) sent installed properly and is functioning as expected, however, don't be fooled by 5 star reviews from 2 or more years ago. EVGA used to be a high quality, honorable business, but no longer are either. WAY too many defective parts. Graphics cards seem to get fewer warranty rejects, but system boards seem to be almost always rejected. Poor CPU pin design and HORRIBLE attitudes from customer (dis)service.

Still a shameful company.

I will update when I get the results of the latest return.

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Bad support

"Bought a high end motherboard that developed issues after a few years but still under warranty. RMA was denied because board was considered unfixable. I had two other motherboards in the past that also were defective, replaced with a MSI and no more problems.

Never buy EVGA motherboards. Think twice about buying other components from them too. They no longer stand by their products.

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Very unfair

"I have recently turned in my EVGA GTX 1080 TI for Warranty repair, and after EVGA reps received my Card, -To my surprise- they informed me that my GTX 1080 TI no longer qualifies for a warranty repair.

The reason they gave me is that they found a scratch on the gold plating of the PCB and gave an excuse that it is not in factory condition. So knowing there isnt much that I can argue at that point, I asked them if there is anything that they could do; expecting maybe a fee for repair. But no help was offered and they returned the card back to me.

Upon receiving the my GTX 1080 TI back into my hands I was baffled to see that somehow this scratch was even found. It is almost undetectable!... I am very disappointed in EVGA and I do not believe that this should have been a reason for EVGA to deny me a Warranty service repair!..

I have had many GPU's in my recent past, and among them I have had some GPU's that had full on damaged Gold pins, and yet they still worked! This was something that EVGA shouldn't even have mentioned, especially since it is insignificant and had no cause in the GPU dying. Shame on You EVGA, Shame On YOU.

Now, I have a 1080 TI which will have to be sold on ebay for chump change!

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Nightmare RMA experience

"My graphic card gtx 1080 ti failed. I filed an RMA, do as they suggested add insurance shipping. which cost me $40+
When they receive my product, they said there's liquid residuals on pcb which void the warranty, which is minimal on conductor. Okay fine even I know the graphic card did not fail because of that since the spill happened when I remove the card which caused by my cpu loop interfere and spilled a little bit. They immediately reject the RMA and told me they shipped back the card.
I called customer service and the guy told me my warranty is void due to pcb damage. I asked if they can just clean the conductor and try, obviously my issue was with the core and since the spill happened after the card removal it should be fine. The guy refused. Although not friendly and helping like most other customer service, I get it. I am a reasonable man. I take the responsibility and see I can pay for repair, which clearly is my only option. What else I can do with a $700 product that not working? throw it to a garbage can? I said I am willing to pay the cost to repair or you guys can at least clean the small stain and see what is really going on with the core.
The customer service refused and told me they cancelled the repair service months ago. Which clearly happened after my purchase and he said it was not their responsibility to inform me. Haha, is this modern day customer service?
So I go back and check up the term on their website:

and I quote
"If your product is received damaged, EVGA will contact you with information and options to assist with filing a claim or offering a repair fee to avoid the product losing it's warranty."

This is intended deceitful action either from the customer service or their website. I've taken picture of this and I will consult with my lawyer.

Aside from that, the customer service itself is horrible, terrible attitude. They just try to get rid of any work they have to do to help their client, not trying to help at all. They permanently lose a long term customer. There are better options, I was a long term EVGA customer because all the good reputation about their customer service. Apparently the one single time I actually used it EVGA proved my old impression wrong.
They have HORRIBLE customer service now, trust me.

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Advanced RMA with a pleasant surprise

"Had trouble with my GTX 970 ftw+ (bought along with 10 year extra warranty for €32,- euro, also registered on their website).
It was always crashing within 15 minutes on certain games, until i found out that underclocking the card solved the issue with those games.
Heared from a friend that EVGA offers advanced RMA and decided to make use of this since they will send the replacement GPU in advance after paying a deposit.
Asked EVGA in my RMA request wether it was possible to upgrade against payment to the 1070 series, unfortunately this was not possible but i wasn't surprised at all that they wouldn't do that since that service is only available within 90 days of purchase.
When i received the replacement and opened the box, i was surprised to see that it was not the GPU in question, but infact it was the newer GTX 980 TI SC+!
After sending back the GTX 970 ftw+ i got my deposit back within a couple of days.
The customer service was fast with responding and very kind/helpful, my next card will definately be another EVGA!

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Horrible website, horrible customer service, shipping costs are gouging

"So I ordered a small item a month ago. It was $30,00 and cost another $10 to ship. the item arrived a week later in a padded envelope via USPS media mail. It's packaging was crushed but the item did survive. Complained to customer service and was basically told "we don't set the pricing for shipping". Fast forward to Monday of this week, I ordered a power supply that was on sale. Saw the charge hit my credit card but never got the confirmation email. I checked yesterday and the charge is gone and my order is no where to be found. Contacted customer service and was told they see where my order was placed but it never completed totally. I ask "did I do something wrong?" and this is the response I got:

I'm honestly not sure what happened. It may have been because the PSU was sold out and the order was placed when it was no longer in stock but showed it was on our site. I do apologize for the inconvenience and I can only suggest to check to see if any of our authorized resellers here http://www.evga.com/products/wheretobuy.aspx may have the PSU on sale at a reasonably lower price.

If said PSU is out of stock, why is it still listed and available for purchase on your site. Why didn't you offer to sell me one at the sale price or go into that order that didn't finish and fix it? I'm baffled at the lack of customer service from EVGA.

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GTX 980 RMA, perfect

"Had a GTW 980 Ti that wasn't stable. I contacted the english technical support, based in Germany, and got an advanced RMA directly. Received the card a 2 days later.

No problem what so ever. Perfect. If only they all could be like EVGA's support

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"I have spent thousands on motherboards and graphics cards. But I couldn't sli two 295 cards. They said it was my evga classified mobo and years of battling would not honor the warranty. So another 700 bucks later and another mobo because it showed up busted I still can't quad sli my 295 with 285 in phisyx. Then I was told it was the cards and they'd replace it well I ended up with two 680 cards which are not equal to or better than what I had. Now I still can't sli because they say it's the 285 and they don't cover drivers. They are completely full of @#*^. 8 years and still can't fix one simple issue. I know there is no way that anyone that had delt with them ever gave them a good review. "

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"Ordered white sleeved cables for my evga psu. Simplistic and straightforward checkout for international shipping. Arrived within a few days in perfect condition to The Netherlands, thank you!"

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"I'm pretty surprised by so many negative comments, but I know everyone's experience is different.

Personally, I've had great success with EVGA.com, both with thier products (2 geForce GTX 460's) and with the RMA prcess. Earlier this month, my nVidia driver stopped recognizing the newest card, so I got on the website and sent an email to customer service. They replied and started the return process that day. I gave them my credit card info as "collateral" and they initiated what they called a "cross-ship" and sent me a new card with a return label in the box. I put my malfunctioning card in the box and dropped it off at the UPS store. Done.

I really appreciated how they handled everything. In contrast to other reviews, I actually thought they were fast and professional.

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"EVGA's warranty service is excellent - they've honored the lifetime warranty on my 6-year-old card twice, and even upgraded it to a slightly newer model when it was clear that the issue was compatibility with the model I had. No hassle, and service was above and beyond what I'd expected. Very grateful, and very impressed."

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"Will never do business with this company again. Placed an order and got the run around for days after money was taken out of our account. After running around over the phone and promised it would be shipped, we get an email stating it was to be cancelled. This is not the way to do business and a great way to ruin Christmas.


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"EGA rocks! I have bought 4 GTX 480's from NewEgg as well as products directly form EVGA. There support is the best in the business. Jacob, Nate, Delirious, and special thanks to Joe Darwin!
THey tried out a 3 and 4 way EGA adapter to make sure it worked on my MB specially for me and then shipped me the products for free. It doesn't get any better. I could go on and on but just to say once again they are the best in the business. Most every buys Nvidia products from EVGA because of this. Love their support forums too the best once again bar none.

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"This review comes from dealing with their tech support and RMA process. I am using the RMA info as reference.

Their tech support was sloppy, and argumentative. The first response was a "canned" response with typical troubleshooting information. Follow up responses were all about "company policy", and not helpful towards my situation. It seems as though the tech support is likely outsourced out of the country.

Moving on, because I failed to register the product within 30 days of purchasing it (christmas gift) I lost out on the 2 year warranty. That policy is the stupidest policy on the planet, but so be it. I finally convinced them to respect the 2 yr warranty after 2 days of haggling. I sent the item back and go figure, they say I damaged it, and they want the replacement cost of the card to fix it!

Let me explain that, they want $50 to "fix" a card that now cost $40 used on amazon. I bought this card NEW for $79 18 months ago.

Previous interactions with eVGA have been good, so it now seems that perhaps due to the current economic climate, they are resorting to sub par tech support (likely outsourced), along with unethical business practices with regards to RMA's.

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