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Shipping & packaging: 3.75/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.25/10
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Loved the product

"The product was exactly as described. The price was great! i loved it!"

Helpful Cool


Great! As long as you don't have to use their customer service

"I ordered from them on 2 occasions. The first occasion, everything went as planned and I didn't have any major issues (my runners were inconsistently cut but I overlooked that.)

However, the second time I ordered from them ( 3 weeks later) I had major issues. I paid for rush printing and expedited delivery. On the day my items were scheduled to arrive at my house, I received an email stating that the items were just then being shipped out. I reached out via chat (because there are no phone numbers) and was told to, just deal with it. The shipment is en route and can't be stoped. So if I wanted, they would refund me the shipping. The apologized because there was delay in the printing. I learned that they ignored my rush printing and printed in 10 days instead of 2-3 days. I attempted to get them to rectify the situation by sending me a rush order (without customization, just so that I would have something to give out at my event) and I would return the one en route. They gave me two options. #1, take a refund on the shipping and keep the items, or #2 wait until they arrived and return for a refund (mind you, the customized item can't be returned per their return policy, so I could only return the other item that I purchased). In the end, I got stuck with items that I couldn't use and had to purchase favors elsewhere just to have something for my guests. The worst customer service experience I've ever received.

Helpful Cool


Customer Service is Horrendous!

"When purchasing my flower wall and stand I had a long detailed chat with the customer service rep about the size of the stand and how many boxes of flower walls I would need to purchase to fit the wall. The rep emphatically told me one box would suffice. The box gets here and the 4 pieces don't even cover 1/4 of the stand and some of the flowers are missing.

I've been chatting with them for 3 weeks and every time they say the return department is sending an email and the RMA but I haven't received it after 30 days.

I'm reporting them to the BBB and on any site that has ratings. I've also disputed the charge with my bank

Helpful Cool


Do Not Order From This Company. Very Disappointing.

"I ordered personalized ribbon from this company and the printing was very poor. When I contacted customer service (if you can call it that) they sent me a link to their return policy and said the ribbon was printed well and was "usable" (I had to send them a picture). The quality was so poor it can't be used at all. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. THEIR QUALITY IS TERRIBLE AND THEY DON'T STAND BEHIND THEIR SERVICES. BAD, BAD COMPANY."

Helpful Cool


the worse online company

"They never shipped my order then lied about send me an email, I check all inbox and junk mail no email. Email not just disappear if they send it, the email would be still there my wedding in a couple of week and they wont give me a full refund "

Helpful Cool


Great for Event Planning

"I have ordered on several occasions and I get what I expect in a timely manner for reasonable prices. "

Helpful Cool


Abysmal customer service

"I ordered my cake stand, favors, and other items from efavormart.com on a Sunday. When I got an email notice Wednesday that my order was shipping, the cake stand was not listed. I got on their online chat to ask about the cake stand. At that time, I was informed that the cake stand was backordered five weeks (well past my wedding date). The website still shows the item in stock; I was never informed that the item was backordered until I pursued a customer service chat.

They had all the individual cake stand components (acrylic plates and tubes) in stock, but not as a set. The 6 tier stand set was 51.99. To order exactly the same components individually was an additional $40. They were utterly unwilling to accommodate my request for the components at the same price of the set, nor were they willing to waive additional shipping charges on the re-ordered items, if I ordered at all. I ended up cancelling my cake stand order. The entire exchange took almost an hour.

(NOTE: I have not rated them for value yet, because the rest of my items have not yet arrived. Regardless of how that goes, I will never recommend nor use efavormart.com again.)

Helpful Cool


Wedding Supply

"Working with efavormart has been the worst experience I've ever had. I purchased silk flowers for a wedding that I was working on for May 5th, 2017. The merchandise that I purchased was exactly what a was looking for. A few days prior to the wedding I received an email stating that they ran out of the item (2 weeks after the item was ordered) and I wouldn't receive the merchandise 4-8 weeks after my event. I worked in customer service so I tried to be as reasonable as possible and exchange the cost from my original order for something they currently had in stock. I found a few items that I could order to replace the initial merchandise that I wanted. The items that efavormart currently had in stock, the diameter of the flower head was about 4 times smaller than the flower head of my original order. Due to the replacement items being much smaller in diameter than the original flowers that I ordered, I had to order more of the replacement items to fill the same amount of space that the original flower order would have.

When I asked the representative if they would cover the additional $10 of the replacement item Efavormart said no, because efavormart was going to express ship the items in three days as if efavormart was doing me a favor it's mistake. If efavormart would have done it's due diligence by notifying it's buyers that the item was out of stock, then this entire situation could have been avoided. The replacement merchandise still didn't arrive early enough for me to include in the wedding that I had that day (which reflects badly on me as a wedding planner). Efavormart did not try to rectify their mistake and unfavorable customer service by any means.

I was recommended to this vendor by one of my Wedding Planning associates and I'm extremely upset with customer service. I will never purchase anything from this vendor again.

Very poor customer service.

Helpful Cool



"Arrive on time. The colors materials pattern and price just perfect. Thanks for making my event. Simply Gorgeous"

Helpful Cool


Spandex Chair Covers....TV TRAYS TOO!!!

"I ordered the Red/Black roses...they look perfect...i love them....EFAV has the best silk flowers. . BEAUTIFUL!
After i used the chair covers for an event.....(checkered pattern)....what to do....what to do.....OMG...they fit the TV Tray.....just tuck the back part on the side and there it is .....a sleek TV Tray for Everyday....i sat it outside on the deck...with a small vase and an efavorflower - of course (rose red)...a pitcher of Ice Tea....and woooola....elegance!- so NOW.. i gotta order every color chair spandex covers...LoL...

ALSO...A GREAT GIFT idea...(two tv trays...a small vase...two spandex covers for chairs and a flower or two...my parents loved it)....enjoy, Thxs EFAV!

Helpful Cool


A bit disappointed

"I ordered personalized cake boxes for my wedding. The stamp that was used on the boxes is not centered in the middle and is only partially colored in. I know these boxes were only $30 for 100, but I expected a little bit more of an effort to at least make sure the stamp was centered on the boxes. The items did get to my home timely, which was nice. "

Helpful Cool


BEWARE - they will not correct their mistake

"I order 25 table cloths and 25 runners. I received 25 table cloths and 24 runners. I contacted customer service and that gave me two choices, 1)send the missing runner, 2)store credit. I have plenty of time before the event so I replied to send the missing runner. 3 days later I get a "sorry for your inconvenience" response that shipping cost are to high and they will not be able to send the runner. I get two more choices 1) order some else and they will include the runner 2) store credit. I am left one table short for the event. I will not to business with this company again.

I did not know they would not correct there mistakes. BEWARE

Helpful Cool


"My order arrived today faster then anticipated, all items ordered are great , and the prices very reasonable , materials are good and will hold up after washing. Pleased with my orders, will recommend to family and friends."

Helpful Cool


Wasted my time.

"I placed an order for baby shower favors. Waited 10 business days for the shipment to reach me. Nothing. I checked the site and it said my order was processed. I contacted them and they said the last box had been damaged and that it would take over a month to fill my order. But no one had contacted me with this information. Bad customer service. Now I will have to order from some place else and pay expedited shipping to get the favors in time for the shower. Never again."

Helpful Cool


Not Impressed

"I ordered 2 bundles of flowers and 25 table runners. I paid $50 in freight and $30 in brokerage. I got my package and was missing half the flowers. I contacted them right away to let them know. They at first said the package had everything in it and I had to insist i was missing items. They then agreed to send the missing flowers. I would have had to pay brokerage on items that I should have already received. I wasn't happy but I said whatever send them. I get an email the next day saying they are unable to resend them. Yes they are refunding me and yes the table runners are very nice but i am not happy i am missing items and now have to search for flowers all over again. I wouldn't use them again. "

Helpful Cool

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