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Never trust!

"Don't trust igadget and souq.com services. They have the worst customer care. Once you place order and paid your money, you have no guarantee to receive the item. I placed order for Samsung Note 8 from igadget on souq.com. As per the tracking details, I supposed to receive the item in four days. However, at the fourth day, the tracking turned as item delivered. However, I didn't receive the item. I posted repeated complaints and no one replied back. I made escalation of my complaints two times but again no one replied. I made three phone calls, the front desk guys keep on telling me they are checking with the courier for proof of delivery for more than two weeks. I lost huge money in vain. I am having the worst online shopping experience ever!

Please, never trust these companies. It would be better to buy the items from nearby store or use an online markets with reliable services.

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"Placed an order on 10/30/17. They were paid immediately. I have yet to receive my order despite repeated emails to them. They have ceased responding. I now have a dispute lodged with PayPal. Hopefully I will get my money back but it is doubtful. I would not suggest ordering from them. "

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Scam artists

"I ordered flash drive and it didn’t work, so they sent me another one and it didn’t work. I asked for my money back and they keep saying “be patient”. I’ve been waiting 5 months now. Don’t buy anything from this company. "

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Rip off

"They took my money and I never got my order. "

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wrong company lost my money.

"This is wrong company. I wrote email lost of time but no reply from there. so plz request no buying anything from this site. "

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"i buy from this **** website and no one reply to me i send many emails
don’t buy for them
its spam

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IGadet store is a Scam

"I gadet store is a scam. I bought on line a Flashdrive for my IPAD Pro - 64GB. after my Visa card payment had been approved I received an email from them wanting a copy of Photo ID and a copy of my credit card. They claim this was for security purposes. I email them back and advised that they do not know what I look like so Photo id was not needed , plus providing those details was a security risk for me, as it shows all of my private information. I advised I would not provide them with a copy of my credit card for the same reason. My Visa payment had been approved and processed. They refused to supply a phone number. 14 days later the item has not shipped, (they are refusing to do so) but my payment has been processed. I am now without $89.99 aud conversion $149.00 and no item.
This company is a scam and should be shut down.
I have emailed them and gave them 2 days notice to ship item or my reviews would commence. They have not shipped. My plan is to have them shut down.

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Unfortunate there is no 0-star rating

"I purchased and item from the iGadget Store and there were a number of issues with the product/service:

1. The item took forever to arrive
2. When it did arrive it was blatantly obvious that the item had been used. This was a real problem because this item need to be placed on my skin so was totally unhygienic
3. The item required 2 AA batteries, when I installed the batteries it did not work
4. When I spoke to them they took a very long time to respond

Thankfully, I had used PayPal to purchase the item and eventually raised an issue through PayPal. The resolution was for me to return the item, however, since the item cost $41 US it was outrageous for them to expect me to pay $40 CAN to return the item. After speaking to PayPal they decided they would refund me the total amount without having to return the item. I agreed to this but I am still disappointed because they indicated that they would give me a refund but not require the seller to the seller to take care of the refund. I appreciate the PayPal gesture but I still believe that the seller should have been required to make the refund so they would have some sort of deterrent against this behaviour in the future.

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Never receive my things !

"After I paid, never receive my thing! Six weeks already!"

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I bought Apple I phone flesh drive

"I order Sep 11,I still not received the items,they took my money from my acccount,"

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It's a SCAM!

"The product I received is not what I ordered.
They sent me damaged junk and will not reply to my emails.
They have no contact number.

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Scammers!!! Love to steal people's money!!

"Wish I read all these reviews first. I ordered back on 27/05/17 and still haven't received anything have emailed and emailed but now they've stopped replying. Such bull ****!! Won't even refund money. Anyone have a contact number for them???"

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WARNING. They're thieves!

"These people are thieves. They take your money and send you products that dont work then ignore your emails and block you whenever they can"

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Don't be a sucker like I was

"Ordered an ios flash drive. It took well over a month to receive because it came from China! But it arrived and the first thing I noticed was it was difficult to connect to my ipad and have the pad recognize that it was attached. Plus it felt really cheaply made. Instructions were vague but it finally got connected. I was able to save photos initially but then when I tried to reconnect device again to my ipad, it was still difficult. I would press on the app and it would go to it then immediately back to my home screen. After doing this repeatedly, I gave up. That flash drive was defective. I emailed the company about what was happening and they responded by asking for a video of what was happening. I sent it and asked for a full refund and a week later they responded asking to reship another piece of crap device. I said no, full refund! They have yet to respond and it has been do frustrating. All this started in April and now here it is July! PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM iGADGET!"

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Do not buy from them!

"Ordered a zoom lens foot iPhone. Took forever to get it. Doesn't fit phone. Terrible quality item. I asked for refund they said NO. This company offers cheap non working products with no refund if you are not happy. Don't order from them"

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