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Tear up your catalogs and unsubscribe from this Pathetic company!

"Where do I begin? My mistake was calling someone that could barely speak English. She then proceeded to sell me some bullshit service that I didn’t want. Would not shut her mouth so I could get a single word in. Had to tell her to PLEASE be quiet and just order the 2 dog toys I wanted. Thought I was done and called back later to see where my order was. They got it wrong and another person finally straightened it out. So I thought. Then had to deal with a third “MORON” who sounded like a “mind numbing robot”. No expression in this persons voice at all. No gratitude, no thanking the customer, just a dead pan voice. Offered no resolution to my dilemma. I asked if he could offer some kind of information on when I would receive my order. He stated——a very flat—no.
Can’t find any contact information for their company headquarters. Don’t even try. It’s not out there.
The second time I talked to another MORON, he was reading from a script on apologizing to a **** customer. Very flat and not apologetic at all. He promised to let some other MORON know how **** I was and report back to me. You can wait till hell freezes over cause all the MORONS at this horrendous company do not care about you or your dogs.
This company will now forever be known to me as “IN THE COMPANY OF MORONS”! Never never never again.

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never again

"TONS of spam email, with terrible offers. The product was not good either. Now I am stuck paying shipping to and from them. "

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Never received item

"On November 27th 2017 I ordered a collar for my dog. It is Jan 6, 2018 and no response. I have called twice and e mailed 4 times with no (as in NO) help.
I need the collar to match previous leash (and collar) purchased there and to put on therapy dog tag and rabies tag. Will never shop In The Company of Dogs Again.
Since I can't give them no stars I will state that their catalogs are cute, but worthless!

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"When you buy a dog bed & you need to return it for any reason, it is up to YOU to pay the shipping. The size of the box & weight factor into the cost & runs $65 - $108 in my case. Absolutely insane!!!! Customer service, you might as well talk to the wall. Asked to speak to a supervisor, not possible! Stay away from this company!"

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"First, I paid $25 for 2 day shipping to get me an item quickly for an elderly dog who was unwell and needed it, and 'In Company Of Dogs' didn't ship it to me for FIVE weeks despite endless emails and calls saying they would. After many hours chasing them, they finally provided a refund 2 months later.

In addition, they signed me up without my knowledge and approval for their ‘VIP club’ and charged me $14.95 monthly until I came back from traveling and discovered it! When I called for a refund and to cancel it, I could not believe the rudeness of the customer service agent at their “VIP club customer care”. And in addition to being incredibly rude, she then hung up from me.

I’ve never come across such an awful company with such bad customer service and fraudulent business practices: STAY AWAY!

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No prepaid returns.

"No where do they say that returns are on your dime. Unless defective you have to pay shipping on your returns. If it's a large item, you have to schlepp the item to your post office.

Last time I use this company.

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No adjustment

"I just placed an order online, realized there was an email with a discount for 15% after I placed the order. I called customer service to ask them to adjust my bill and they told me they couldn't do it. REALLY, will never order from them again. "

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You wrote a review for In The Company of Dogs One minute ago
1.0 star rating 11/26/2017
I ordered an item and it's been a month. No word on when it will arrive. Incredibly rude and not responsive customer service. They bounce me around from person to person and disconnect me every time I ask to speak to a supervisor. The company is a terrible sham and I am so sad that I didn't check their reviews before ordering. Save yourself the headache, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

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Do Not Order From this Business

"I placed an order via phone. Assured item was in stock. Called next day as no email confirm recieved, told item was out of stock by Philippians Customer service. Lied about my order avail and employing Non US workers "

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Don't order from this company.

"I will never order anything from this company. I order a dog collar Monday morning. an paid extra to have it by Wednesday as we would be traveling Thursday. they told me it would be shipped Monday . it did not arrive Wednesday. call customer support today. the lady said it was shipped today. how disappointed "

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Worst customer service ever.

"Ordered a customized memorial headstone for a family members' dog online. Once I placed the order there was no way to customize it. It did say I would receive an email instructing me how to submit a photo to them for the stone. I decided to wait for that email so I could give them all the information for the stone. I waited a few days and no email except for one telling me my product had been shipped. WHAT?! I'm paying $140 for a blank piece of granite? I called and was told that since I didn't customize it, that they shipped as is. I explained there was no way to customize it. She said I should have called and ordered it by phone to get it customized. Of course, the FedEx tracking number provided by them only stated that the label was created. No tracking info whatsoever. So I sent an email requesting the order be cancelled immediately.

I then receive a response telling me there was a miscommunication. She said they had mailed me personalization instructions, not the stone. I responded that I wanted to cancel the order and a refund issued because I had ordered a stone from another company.

They responded that they would need the personalized instruction package returned before they would issue a refund. Again, WHAT? You haven't shipped what I ordered. Cancel the order. Issue a refund. You've got me telling you to do so numerous times in emails. I asked where they sent the personalization package. Needless to say, they didn't ship it to me, but rather to my grieving family members who live two hours away. Now I have to ask them to return the package to this company.

Oh, and I've already received the stone I ordered from www.4everinmyheart.com. Incredibly fast service with free shipping. Cost less and larger stone. Ordered, customized and received in less than a week.


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Worst customer service ever!!!

"Sent a used product after waiting weeks for it, then I have called over and over for a shipping tag, they are in some sort of run for worst customer service! "

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Gift Card Nightmare - Do NOT give this company your credit card number or your business!!

"I received a $50 gift card for In The Company of Dogs. Yay! Fun stuff for my dogs! I placed my order online - about $65 of merchandise - and to my astonishment I could not apply the gift card to my order online. The checkout page instructed me to call Customer Service to place my order and apply the card. So I did - it was a Sunday afternoon and I guess I got the C Team. My first mistake. The poor guy sounded sleepy and confused about the gift card. Put me on hold for a long time to get instructions, then came back and said he could not apply the card to the order, would charge my credit card for the entire amount and Accounting (phantom department from what I can tell) would credit my card the next day for the $50 gift card. Since my order exceeded the gift card total (second mistake) and I trusted this company (third and biggest mistake) I gave him my cc number.

Sure enough, the company figured how to charge my cc card just fine. For days until the first items shipped, there were pending charges on my account but no gift card credit ever showed up. When the first items finally shipped the card was officially charged, and still no gift card credit applied.

I called Customer Service - to be known as Customer Disservice for the rest of the review - and let them know. I was first told that I needed to cancel my order, return the products and reprocess the order so the gift card could be applied. WHAT?!?!? Since when did it become MY problem to fix this?? I told the rep that this was an unacceptable solution. She put me on hold for an extended period, and finally came back with a solution. "Accounting" would do some behind the scenes transactions and apply my gift card, issuing me a credit to my credit card account. She confirmed the rep I placed the order through could not have applied the gift card at the time I placed my order. WHAT?!?!? Why issue gift cards if they cannot be applied?? I'd see the credit to my account in a week. I'm actually a REAL accountant and all this seemed waaayy too long of a timeframe for what should take maybe 15 minutes tops, but I agreed and then watched my card.

After a few weeks go by and no credit, I call Customer Disservice back, speak to another poor confused soul who made more notes, put me on hold to speak with someone, and came back with the same promise that "Accounting" would make this right in a week. Meanwhile, my final item in the order has not shipped. So I wait.

A few weeks later I speak with Karen, another Customer Disservice rep, who is very nice and sounds knowledgeable, reviews the growing notes in my account, makes many more extensive notes, and assures me the credit will be processed in 7-10 days. Meanwhile, she says the final item in my order is in the warehouse but marked "unusable" or some similar term, and she is "brutally honest" with me that she has no idea if or when it will ship. I appreciate her honesty and agree to wait for it, as I really want it. It does finally arrive, several weeks later.

After waiting another month, I call Customer Disservice back for the final time. I speak with Ronnie, who tells me that now the company is in the midst of inventory (it is December 28) and the system is shut down and my credit cannot be processed for another week. This is sounding like a broken record and frankly a sham. So I'm done with Customer Disservice, done with In The Company of Dogs. I'm writing this review to help keep others from going through this pain, and I'm filing a dispute with my credit card company. Guess it's up to me to fix their problem. This situation went from excitement for a wonderful gesture for my pets to total frustration and time consuming efforts to resolve the issue. The only good thing I can say is that I finally got the items I ordered. Unlike the outcome of many other reviews I have read about this company.

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What a scam the worst ever

"All the other reviews say it all

Helpful (1) Cool


Made our dog VERY happy and an eater again!!!

"In the Company of Dogs now has carefully made sure we had the freshest and highest quality food additive available! We have ordered this item twice and both times the freshness expiration date was two years away! And the product works! Also bought the new harness that protects him from any choking; our dog loves and we do, too! THANK YOU In the Company of Dogs for caring so much about our dogs!!! I will be back again and again!"

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