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"Purchased LOL dolls series 2 for my granddaughter's birthday. Not only did they steal my money right out of the box, but the order did not ship when promised. It took well OVER THREE MONTHS to get products and that is after constantly emailing "customer service." Some customer service, nothing but lies. My granddaughters birthday came and went WITHOUT THE PRODUCT ARRIVING ANYWHERE NEAR ON TIME!! Once arrived, to my horror they were not real LOL dolls but imitation. I spent $113.00 on this scam. Please, please, please be careful if you choose to order with this horrible entity. "

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Scam! Buyer Beware!

"Wrong LOL dolls will be sent! Save your money and buy in the stores so you know exactly what you’re getting. "

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"Bought for Easter for my daughter. Received little sisters instead of big sisters. Issued dispute with PayPal and they issued me a partial refund of $22. I think Trendly even sent me a moon lamp in replacement of the big sisters they were supposed to send after initial complaint. Like no! I don’t want a moon lamp, I want big sisters. Don’t purchase! Wondering how I can **** them down."

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Very very very bad online store, cheats and always sells fraud items.

"Ordered Bakblade 2 but got a fake Chinese dangerous razor. No response from the website when complained. They should be banned from selling online."

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SCAM - send wrong product & its fake

"Very bad experience - they sent me the wrong product (L.o.L. little sister instead of L.o.L Surprise) and then only offer to refund 70% (excluding shipping). The actual wrong product also turns out to be FAKE! Do not buy from this store, be warned!"

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RIP off

"I paid 14.99 for full size lol dolls. I recieved fake little sisters that retail for 6.99. The made off with 60$ for 3 little tiny plastic toy babies. People pay what they pay for lol for the quality. The paint the clothes the details... What i was sent , ha ive seen better in a toy vending machine. The paint on my dolls eyes is completely off. She has eyes on her site has all positive i know they are fake.worst experience ever...took 2 months for nothing."

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Awful bulls**t

"Ordered from only to realize I shoulda read the reviews first. After I did I tried to cancel my order with no response several times. Screw them then. I had my bank reverse the charges. I still never received anything nor do I want it now since it's fake crap anyways. How do you say your in Las Vegas when your in china?? They need to shut that website down."

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Worse experience ever!

"I ordered some lol dolls for my granddaughter for Christmas on November 29, received in January around the 15th, but received the lol little sisters and I ordered and paid for the regular ones......after several back and forth the promised me a refund of 40%, I accepted and after not receiving anything I contacted them again and they said I had to remove claim, I did notified them and waited.... did not get anything so I contacted them again and said it was over 2 months and can no longer issue a refund! Quality of toy was bad not original ones, was the cheaper lol little sisters and jus bad service all the way around......Better off going with any other company, my worse experience buying your money. Not worth it!"

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Never again

"My order was wrong two weeks late and the package was demaged don't order from here. Over priced too never never again I learned my lesson."

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Fake reviews on there page

"I ordered 60$ worth of lol dolls. 14.99 is more expensive than in stores and im sure ill get fakes if they ever come. Its been weeks and no shipping . i ordered only because the site seemed to have positive reviews. Boy was i wrong. I shoukd have taken the extra time to research a bit more. This nonsense needs to be stopped. The fakes i do receive from china smell horrible and are a total joke. At least try when u make a fake. Put some effort into it!"

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Shop Trendly

"My order took weeks longer than promised delivery date and when I finally received, it was not the brand I ordered. It was an inferior brand and when I queried they pretended not to understand. Finally after a month of emails back and forth they requested I mail the item back, at my expense. I believe they know they can get away without any consequence. "

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Horrible customer service

" Shipping took too looking... they ignored my request to cancel.... they dont gave a phone number to contact a person."

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"Never get my order of LOL Surprise box ordered on December 04. Imposible to contact them. They charge $79.00 to my credit card."

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Filing a paypal claim

"Terrible knock-off LOL dolls sent. Misspellings on wrapper, parts that don’t belong, ugly disfigured dolls. Also took 48days to be delivered. I had given up hope but was even more crushed when my daughter immediately knew they were horrible fakes! They were supposed to be big sisters and they were the smaller little sisters with cruddy accessories that don’t fit. I filed a claim with paypal and hopefully they are able to get my money back. needs to be shut down! So many people are getting scammed by them!"

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"For all of you still waiting on your LOL's, you will be even more discouraged after receiving them. They are horrible knockoffs. They are too small and the face and details are all distorted. Ours even came with Shopkin pieces. The biggest scam I ever fell for. "

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