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"good service thank you ver"

Helpful Cool


Awesome work

" Perfect sentimental gift for any occasion. I will be using you guys again"

Helpful Cool


Brownie points!!

"This past holiday season had Woodsnap busier than expected and therefore I waited over a month for my large wood print. Without my prompting, Woodsnap sent email updates so I wasn't wondering! Then in January they refunded my shipping and sent a handwritten apology letter with a gift certificate! Talk about superior customer service!!!"

Helpful Cool


Thank you Woodsnap

"I placed my order in December and Woodsnap sent out an email saying that production was slowed and orders were being delayed. I contacted Woodsnap and they did everything they could to rush my order out as soon as possible. It did not get here in time, but that was actually my fault because I chose surepost shipping which takes up to 10 business days. I appreciated the customer service rep who worked with me to get my order out asap. They apologized for the delay and even sent me a note from their director. I really appreciated Woodsnaps willingness to work with their customers. The product turned out even better than expected and it was worth the wait. "

Helpful Cool


be prepared to wait

"I placed several orders on Nov 30th...all meant to be Christmas gifts. They did not arrive until late January. I couldn't get any information on tracking or delivery status. Very disappointing and embarrassing."

Helpful Cool


They made it right!

"I was extremely disappointed with communication and shipping time.
I placed my order Nov. 30th and didn't receive my product until Jan 8th. I wrote three emails as the product I ordered was a gift for the holidays.
No communication from shop.

However, when I did receive my order, I was VERY pleased with the quality. I ordered a single hexagon wood picture.

Today (Jan 25th) I received a written letter from the Director of Operations, apologizing for the way my order was handled. There was also a Gift Card enclosed with the letter.

Yes, the customer service and shipping was disappointing for my one order over the holidays. However, the product itself is amazing. I will continue to order from the shop. It seems that they will change their operations in the future.

Helpful Cool


Good product but...

"...they fell down in customer service. Ordered a 16x20 without a frame 6 weeks before Christmas. However I was never able to get a response on when my product would arrive. Finally received a form message a week before the holiday: apparently Woodsnap had more orders than they anticipated which they were struggling to catch up, No problem except that there was no indication when my order would arrive. Tried to ping them to find out but did not receive a response. Finally got an update on the order status from the website that indicated the item would ship 12/18 - except no, that was the date when the shipping tag was created. The actual ship date was 12/29 - - and it was still shipped UPS ground even thought at this point it was very late.

I can fully understand having more business than anticipated (good for you), however knowing that this was due to a holiday you would think the company would have made more of an effort to ship things as expeditiously as possible.

Product - 5 of 5 stars, very happy with what we got. Photo transferred well, product feels solid
Customer Service - 2 of 5: Did have an issue when placing the order where I did not receive an email confirmation. Customer Service was very prompt in responding to that issue, which keeps this from being a 1 out of 5 aggregate score. Just not sure what happened after the order was placed, they kind of dropped off.

Helpful Cool


Terrible Customer service

"I ordered a couple of things that were supposed to be Christmas gifts and didn't receive in time! Placed the order at the beginning of December and didn't receive until after New Years. The products turned out great however I didn't have the gifts to give at Christmas so I was highly disappointed. I've ordered from this company before and never had this problem however I've never ordered during the holidays. But needless to say the never made things right like they said they would so I will never order from them again. They didn't respond to my emails when I inquired about my orders until after Christmas. So frustrating and so disappointed with customer service "

Helpful Cool


Worst Customer Service I've Ever Encountered

"The company was deceptive. When my product was ordered it was insinuated that it would arrive in time for Christmas. It was only one week before Christmas that a blanket email was sent out stating they were behind schedule and "would make it right." When my package did arrive, after Christmas, and after the intended recipient had left town, the product was damaged. I have called twice and been placed on hold for over twenty minutes each time. I have sent two emails requesting a return label so that the product may be repaired/reprinted and have heard nothing back. The only correspondence I have received from the company was an apology and an excuse that they were a small company. I am not alone in these complaints. Check out the company's Facebook page for similar reviews. Whatever the size of the company, the repeated failures of over-promising, under delivering and abhorrent customer service show that this company does not deserve to remain a company any longer. "

Helpful Cool


shipment was late

"I am very happy with the final product that came from Woodsnap, but it was delivered 2 weeks past the date that was originally sent to me. These were client holiday gifts, so the missed timing was pretty upsetting. I would definitely order again, but only if I could plan months in advance to account for any delays."

Helpful Cool


"Ordered a 8x10" Christmas gift on December 8th and it did not arrive until January 9th. The website said it would arrive by December 23rd when I ordered. I can understand they're backed up but 4 emails went unanswered. They sent out an email to all customers claiming they want to "make it right" but I have not heard anything back from them. Disappointed I couldn't see my grandparents open their Christmas gift since I had to fly back home before it arrived. Never had a worse experience ordering a custom gift online."

Helpful (1) Cool


"Awesome work. Perfect sentimental gift for any occasion. I will be using you guys again!"

Helpful Cool


"where do i begin..I am extremely disappointed in this company. I ordered a gift for my boyfriends mother the first week of December for Christmas off a groupon they put out and still have not received it (now the second week into January). I was promised when i ordered this gift that it takes 10 days to process and 1-5 days to ship. A few weeks later I was worried it wouldn't be here on the 28th when i was driving out of state to personally give this gift so i tried contacting them. I tried calling about 4 different times and no one would pick up. I emailed them.. no response. I finally received an automated emailed sent out to all their customers that they were behind on orders cause they didn't anticipate this many orders and if i felt my order wouldn't be there by Christmas to email them at a certain email.. and so i did and no response. I then even emailed another email to the main person in charge of problems and nothing. I probably emailed them 3 different times over the past month and not a thing. The last email was because i was sent this site here to review them and they said if it was anything less then 5 stars then to email them.. so i did and nothing. I understand it being Christmas time but the lack of communication was astounding, even the website wouldn't tell me anything about the status of my product except for "editing" I finally was able to communicate with someone over the website and the only thing they could tell me was that maybe it would be here the first week of January. If i would have known this a month ago i would've never ordered this Christmas gift in the first place cause now i will have to spend extra shipping money just to get it to the person a month after Christmas. I understand them being overloaded but you would think if the company put out a groupon during Christmas time that they would be adequately prepared and at least be in communication with their customers. I'm not normally someone who complains and pretty understanding but this was completely not acceptable. I can't even really review the product itself cause it still isn't here but I can't imagine being any more disappointed."

Helpful Cool


"Product is as expected, but both production time and shipping time need work. This item was ordered in plenty of time for Christmas but did not del. until January 7th. I would still recommend your company to others as it is a unique gift.

Edith Zimmerman

Helpful Cool

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