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stay away i beg you---
i ordered a set of spyder headlights and tail lights from these guys (july 2018)--i ordered off their web site and put in my exact truck information. the tail lights they sent me had a completely different wire harness and they did not just plug in and fit my trucks wire harness. i called the manufacturer (spyder) hoping there might be an adapter i could install so they might fit, but after an hour on the phone with their technical support they discovered they were the wrong set of lights for my truck, however there was a different set of lights they sold that would fit and they gave me a product number of the correct lights; they directed me to contact realtruck and have them take back the wrong lights and send me the correct lights that spyder identified would fit. (seems like a pretty simple request) i called realtruck and after 45 min on the phone they admitted not carrying the correct set of lights that would actually fit but could order me the right set and they would start the return/exchange process --it has been 5 days and they are telling me they are waiting for spyder to approve the return..what? i have begged and pleaded with them to accept my return and they refuse; so lets get this straight---they send me the wrong lights and even when i agreed to just make an exchange no harm no foul, they refuse to make the exchange and oh wait it gets better--- i was told if and when they accept the return i will have to pay a 20% restocking fee!!! isn't that awesome they dont have the correct option of lights for me to choose from, then they send the wrong set, then wont let me return them immediately, and make me pay a fee if the do take them 2 sets of lights i ordered were almost $1000.00 and i cant even get them to exchange 1 set in a timely manner--at this point ive had it, i dont want to exchange anything with them now, i just want my money back and of course they are getting the lights back so what in gods green creation is the issue..geesh
never ever ever order anything from realtruck--it goes with the program of the auto parts business that occasionally parts wont fit or be wrong, so make it easy for someone to return and get the right product without treating them like crap-- amazon has everything realtruck has, cheaper and with no issues when it comes to a return. im so unhappy-- realtruck customer support is real-horrible.
this was my order number 1039187
very disappointing
jay c.

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