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Fraudulent advertising! Avoid them...

They sent an email advertising a 15% off sale VPNs. There was a link to the sale products. I chose one of them but kept getting an error that the code did not apply to this product. I sent an email to their support asking why they would send an email advertising a sale and then when you choose a product from the link in the email it does not work. I also asked for a quick response as the sale ended that day. I got a generic response a few hours later stating that some products are excluded and a link to their exclusions policy. I checked the link and nothing explained why the product I chose was excluded. Also, it did not address why the email linked to a bunch of products on sale and I was selecting from those products. I also tried a different product that was actually listed in the email as an example. The code didn't work for that either. I summarized all these issues again and asked for a quick resolution as the sale would expire shortly. I finally recovered a response 4 days later asking me to send a screenshot shot of the products listed from the link in the email. Of course the sale was long over so the link didn't work. Ridiculous support and given that this is not the first time that I was sent a sale from Stack Commerce that would not be honoured when you actually tried to purchase something, I believe that it is just their policy to do a bait and switch. Advertising a big sale and then actually block most of the products in hopes that folks are foolish enough to just go ahead and buy it at full price. In fact a previous time, a rep suggested I just buy the item and then submit a new ticket to try to get the price adjusted after the fact. I of course did not do that as I didn't trust it would be fixed and returns are not excepted for most items with this reseller. Bottom line is that I will not deal with them again and I highly suggest every stay clear.

Save yourself a lot of grief and shop somewhere else.



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