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Bought a few things from their website. Communication was clear as far as status and items were shipped promptly. I'm glad they honored a generous promotional code that got leaked. Great company to deal with. It's also a seamless transaction to exchange something you bought online in one of their retail stores.


Cancelled my order because the item I ordered was "unavailable." Yet, the item is still available to order via their website.

I understand cancelling orders because things go out of stock. I even understand cancelling to prevent the abuse of a promo. Just don't lie and say things are unavailable or because a code is invalid when it was on your website. Be honest and call it what it is...a mistake.

Oh, and don't needlessly hold my payment for a whole week after you already cancel my order.

US Appliance


US Appliance is dishonest and does not honor their word. Terrible customer service! Apparently I'm not the only one that thinks so judging from their ratings here.

I would not recommend anyone buying from here!



For 3 days order status was "Shipping soon." This led me to believe that my product was indeed "shipping soon." After 3 days of zero communication, my order was canceled due to insufficient inventory. Issue could have been avoided with adequate communication. As it stands, I cannot recommend purchasing from Onsale

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