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Reyniers Audio Review By SGsideman 2.5.2013
There is only one word I need to describe my experience with Reyniers Audio and my decision to give them my business. "Optimum" Excellent, awesome, incredible and the other usual suspects can't sum it up at all. I made the optimum choice and they delivered optimum results, {and solutions as needed} at every turn in the process. Simply put, my experience, though unlikely to possibly merit such a position in theory at the out set, should make me the forever after poster child for why you should by your audio or other media production machines from Reyniers Audio. They truly deliver what they state that they will and that has made all the difference as you will see when I tell you my tale of "woe what an optimum choice I made!".
Background; Being a multitrack audio recordist from back in the 4-track analogue tape, thru the stripe sympte days, the early midi instrument and computer interfacing era, ADAT's, hard disk systems and up to present day DAW function with automation, all are formats I still offer for those who still like to use {or have} old format devices. I have always stayed backward compatible in my studio which deals mainly with bands, singer songwriters and solo artists recording music. This eclectic situation found me {belatedly} ready to upgrade to a W-7 PC with some rippin' capabilities, {having waited out the Vista era} I was ready to have my second "custom designed" audio recording computer built by folks who design for folks like me who plan to wring beyond that last ounce of function from a tool, system {or toy}. I had a specific use of firewire interfaces to integrate into the new system and I chose to switch to internal RAID storage from dual external drives I have in my W-XP rig which has a three port TI firewire card and a second hard drive on board to run my W-98 era configuration running an ADAT edit/ADAT connect audio card in the same tower. One of the two interfaces I planed to use and my Axiom 61 would travel between the two computers based on format needs and my interface with automation would be the master interface in the new system. My needs on the midi and virtual instrument/plug-in front are minimal by comparison to some users, as I tend to get by just fine with Ableton Suite 8 and my old hardware dinosaurs so, my Reyniers Audio machine is no monster on that scale. I guess it would be "top end entry level"...?
Through out email {and the occasional telephonic} conversations that began with a basic inquiry in January 2012, Wouter was the definition of creativity and understanding in helping me weigh all my options to design a "slightly tweaked from standard" machine that would meet my {slightly unusual} needs and take me forward with room to grow, such as one can "pre plan" in this era of computing. After a spring and summer of saving I placed my order in time to cheap out on the freight and still meet the only deadline I had made for a session I pictured as the "maiden voyage" for the new rig. Shortly after placing my order in mid September I had my first clue what an optimum choice I had made. The particular motherboard we had chosen was delayed on back order or something and Reyniers not only upgraded me to one $50 more at no charge, they also expedited the reconfiguration and testing period for me so I did not have to reschedule my client who was eager to test my new horsepower. Then came the curveball one couldn't plan for. My "second interface" {which provides me with my 9-16 "live mic" inputs and had been in use as the master interface on my XP rig for years and in remote settings as a standalone with zero glitches ever} refused to play in the W-7 sandbox. Plug it in to the same environment in all aspects but the OS being XP and all is as it should be but W-7 a no-go. Undeterred from providing optimum service after the sale, Wouter embarked on a 4 month odyssey with me and a personal connection of his at the hardware vendor, easily eclipsing the cost of my rig in his well above expectations effort and patience with what turned out to be an inexplicable incompatibility issue, having nothing to do with my intended use or his design or hardware {which in fact turned out to be irresolvable} perhaps, I thought, caused only by virtue of my tendency to have gear operating in ways beyond the max design intent and projected span in years of life of it's developers. After one week of aiding me in live sessions on the machine and via telephone, Wouter and I had pretty much established that his gear and design and my gear and usage configurations were not in any way at fault, I figured, well I'm beyond my VIP for free phase of 30 days and I have used way more than my three wishes from the genie of good will and they are sure to throw me to the hardware wolves at this point, but no. For another 3 full months of efforts to reconcile my hardware applications with the other hardware vendor, Wouter kept them on track for a solution. From any other vendor I would have long since been up the creek and paddle less before two months were out for sure. Rest assured every penny you spend is valued and every second you are not happy, they will strive with every tool in their formidable toolbox to make things right.

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