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All 6 customer reviews

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I saw the reviews here and the owners active posting on the forums of so I decided to go with this company.

I order a few fans and a Thermalright SK-7. I also asked for him to lap it, because I'm lazy.
It wasn't lapped to a mirror or close to it, but it was sufficient enough.

It seems someone at Thermalright jacked up because the box had 4 clips in there, and there should be a lot more. I contact support (the owner directly really) and he said he'll send the clips I needed. I also got a 3 pin adapter out of it for free so that made me happy because I had use for it.

I'd buy from them again and probably will be soon, building another machine and need fans.


These guys are ok. The customer service is god awful though and the salesman are salesdrones. Bought a Canon G3, it's nifty. I assume they would be ok as long as you don't have to speak with them.



I ordered a Transcend 256mb flash card from them. Got it quick, FedEx ok price, high rating company. I didn't get an order number though, not in the e-mail or the physical invoice. Used the fedex tracking number instead on this form.
The website looks like a 12 year old did it in MS Frontpage and google image search, but oh well.
They're legit.

posted Jan-12-2003

A rep from MyDigitalDiscount, Matt Dawson,has responded

“How do you like the new site?

Thank You,

Matt Dawson”


I ordered an Orinoco BG-2000 from them online. I quickly received an automated e-mail when they received the purchase request. Also an e-mail with an UPS tracking number when it was shipped. No problems. WILL buy from again if the price is right.


Ordered a Lucent wireless card, Orinoco gold version for the WLAN. Came today (the 3rd of July, ordered June 30). Not a problem at all.


Excellent service and exceptional site. Ordered a few on-line parts for a new case to mod. I'm happy.