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I've ordered a Green Xootr Neon Mg directly from Xootr. It arrived last week. In my ordering process either I made a mistake or website had a bug (I think it was a bug), but when I saw a confirmation email the color was orange and not green. I wanted green, so I've sent email to Xootr and they were very nice to send me the color I wanted. I really appreciated that. Scooter came on time as promised in good order. So I am very happy with the seller.

Scooter looks really great. Paint job and finish are of a superior quality - real eye catcher. Wide, long and low sitting platform is making the ride quite smooth. In my family of four we all have a scooter (each of a different make: Razor A5, Micro Flex Blue and another one less known brand). Xootr was for my wife. She really enjoyed the ride and made us quite jealous.

Although not all things were superior in Xootr. Inspite of two breaks on Xootr my Mico Flex breaks a lot more efficiently. Ride is also a bit smoother in Micro Flex because of the flex board. Nethertheless long, low, wide and steady board on Xootr makes the ride very pleasant and addictive. You can feel how solid that thing is. Magnesium board! It's an aviation material. Makes me feel I've got a real high tech stuff. And hand break makes things even more natural when you ride it. Very seductive ride.

If scooters were cars then Xootr would be a Mercedes, Micro Flex would be a Lexus and Razor A5 would be a Honda (I've had all these cars so I know what I am talking about).

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Purchased external USB HD and saved at least $40 over next cheapest alternative. Also purchased Track IR and saved $20 as well. Both products arrived two days earlier then expected. Great store! I recommend.

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