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Victoria's Secret


What the h*** happened to you VS?

I remember a time when Victoria's Secret items were beautiful and quality items. I miss those days. Now everything is as cheep and tacky in appearance as it is in quality. I used to ONLY buy VS ****. **** yet comfy. Pricy yet worth it cause they lasted. Bras uses to be comfy, pretty and practical if that's what you wanted. Or **** and fun if that's what you wanted. Now, the store caters to kids! I was in there yesterday and I (at 32) was the oldest person in the store! I sure as hell don't want or need high wasted "granny ****"! When did **** lines again become a thing? I have looked relentlessly to find anything in the store or on line that was anywhere near worth the cost. To No avail. Don't even get me started on the customer service! That went out the window with the rest of the quality that VS used to be known for. I lost my "Angel Forever" status because I'll be damned if I spend the kind of money they want for the kind of product they deliver. I guess the VS definition of "forever" and the actual definition of forever are completely different. Spending over $200.00 with VS in less than 6 months doesn't mean much to a corporation to a company who has gotten to greedy they are arrogant enough to sacrifice customer service and quality to cater to children. Which is ironic since their new cards look like a VIP cards from a Las Vegas ****. Talk about a mixed signal! If you ever go back to the "good 'ol days" I may be back. I won't hold my breath though.

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