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Fun Assistive Technology

I love my xooter! My husband and daughter each have their own.
Bought the first to take my kid the 10+ blocks to pre-k, and this year she started high school!

My scooter has had more use, wear and tear than most;
You see, it was my only way to get around the streets of nyc while my bad hip got worse and worse,
- because of the scooter, I could procrastinate replacement surgery, and glide around in style.

My orthopedic surgeon even gave me a note to pull out in fancy lobbies when security would come down on me.
Oh the pleasure to scoot and slide on the supersmooth shiny floors while they tensed up with trepidation.
I also loved flashing my note in response to the subway police grimacing, and even once, trying to arrest me!
This December I finally had surgery and have a brand new functional hip.

When people notice I’ve arrived sans scooter now, I let them know that while I do love my new hip, I love my xooter.
They are truly my wheels and I will continue scooting nyc for all the right reasons now.

Thanks so much—for everything
and for the new wheels and handgrips. Mine were truly worn.

Most Sincerely,
(p.s. my doctor’s note is still in my wallet -Ssshhhhh).

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