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Tech Support is clueless

I got an activision game for Christmas of last year, played the campaign mode but ran into issues. Once I reached a certain level, the game would freeze and or just reboot to the main menu screen. I tried everything from cleaning the disc, rebooting my xbox one x, resetting my xbox one console, to reinstalling the game 3 times. Finally I thought maybe it was a bad disc so I went to Best buy, and they actually exchanged it for me with no problem twice. Once I figured out it wasn't that, I contacted Activision support in order to get help. Multiple messages back and forth, trying everything they asked me to do still have the same issue. When you pay $60 for a game you don't expect it not to work, or not to be able to get a solution to your problem from the company who makes it. Activision's last response was this......

Hope you're doing fine. We're sorry the recommended steps haven't helped you solve the issue, please feel free to contact our chat team again, we're at your disposal:"

What in the what is this, so I guess I have a throw away game or cup holder now right. Never gonna purchase an Activision game ever again!



Doesn't stand by there product

The website looked credible, everything seemed authentic until I got my order. I ordered a skin for my new MacBook Pro, thought I'd add some protection and style at the same time. The skin is suppose to be removeable, but found out quickly it isn't not what I paid for. I spend almost $60 for it, and it ripped while trying to reposition it. They must know that it's not gonna fit on the first try, but I guess they expect it to rip so you have to buy another one. Also the one that's suppose to exact fit the keyboard did exact fit, so I got absolutely nothing out of this purchase. Waste of money waste of product, and the build quality for the price I paid is ineffective at best. I contacted customer service to see if they would send a replacement, they just offered me a discount if I purchased another one. Why would I purchase another one if the first one was defective, not sure anyone should trust this company. I was suppose to do a review on youtube about it, but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Please everyone stay far away from this website and company, they don't stand by their product and sure don't care about customer satisfaction. I will write reviews on as many sites, and review places I can to let people know to avoid the same situation I got myself into. PLEASE STAY AWAY. They're better sites that offer better quality work out there, and they actually care about their customers.


Lies, Trickery and smh

I've been with AT&T since they were called Bell South and Cingular wireless, so it's not like I haven't been a loyal customer. Unfortunately dealing with them all these years, has come with ups and downs mostly downs since they've become more corporate. My last experience was worse than ever before, and I still can't believe they lie behind a telephone secrecy. Basically last month they had a promotion for an iPhone x bogo deal, so I decided to inquire about it and what you get. I work for Publix supermarkets so I know what bogo means, you buy one you get one equal or lesser value but only when it the same brand but different size. I was told that I would only get the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, wouldn't be able to get two X's which seemed weird so I stated that to the rep. I told him that I should be able to get both iPhone x's in the deal, so he transferred me to a supervisor. Got the same song and dance but was told that around close to Christmas, they were running another promotion that would offer that specific deal. I told him I would like him to write everything down he's telling in my account notes, so when I call back in December I would have no issues. I always seem to have issues with them lately even more, so I was just being precautious and insuring that I have proof. As he's talking to me I could hear him typing away as he was reassuring me that he was taking care of it, that I would have no worries that in December they would be that deal that I wanted. Fast forward couple days later I followed up the call with another supervisor, just to verify what the other supervisor state. I was again told the same thing about the bogo deal, and this time he asked for my email so that I would be on the list to get informed first. At this time I had already paid for my phone to be traded in, so I was just waiting for December to get the two x's. Fast forward again to yesterday, when I called to check on the promotion. Spoke to an AT&T rep and told her the entire conversation with previous supervisors, and all she kept saying was sir there's no promotion that would give me 2 iPhone x's. I repeatedly told her that the supervisor wrote notes for this exact same reason, but the tone in her voice just seemed like she didn't care about my satisfaction as a customer. I just asked to speak to a Supervisor but was told that they would give me the same answer, which I replied then please let them as a supervisor tell me that. Maybe they should of made her supervisor for the day, if she has the kind of power and position that she obviously thought she had. No disrespect but even if the supervisor did tell me that, shouldn't that person tell me that or are they told to say that so the higher ups don't have to be bother with us. Sound horrible but that may be true. Anyway after explaining to the supervisor the situation and issue I was having, she checked the notes and after a few told me this. The only notes on the account shows and says, someone talked to me about a bogo deal and that's as far as it went. So this leads me to think one of two things. One that reps and supervisors fake like they're typing to make us believe false truths, or that she was just saying that not to honor what a previous supervisors told me. Eiher way AT&T has become the worst at customer service and prices, it's just they are the lesser of the three evils out there. After all that I found out the bogo deal is kind of bogus even if they did offer it. You pay for the first phone, but then for 3 months you still have to pay for the other one. Also you have to keep the wink wink free phone line open for 2 years, contract no contract type of situation deal. I wish someone who oversees this company finally realizes that customers do matter, it's not just about a bottom line.


Package says delivered but to where?

Your package was delivered. It was handed directly to a resident.

That is what it says when I look at my order.
Now if my family is home in the living room, and there's no knock on the door how is the package delivered. I contacted Amazon about this package, they told me that they'll investigate it and I'll receive a reply back in 72 hours. Now the item I ordered was a case for my new MacBook Pro 13 inch, so it wouldn't get damaged so if it gets damaged now they won't even care. Since Amazon started using their own delivery service they have been messing up. Leaving packages outside in Orlando where I live, now any one knows Orlando it always rain. Also as we've seen on the news or in youtube videos, packages are not safe just being left outside. Can they explain why they can't just ring the bell, or knock on the door when it's obviously an option thats easy? Now amazon is offering a service where they have access to your house to leave packages, do you think I wan't someone in my house after seeing how they are with the packages they already deliver? Amazon use to be so good at prices and delivery when they used trusted services like UPS or USPS. If Amazon would get better at delivery and service, I wouldn't have to ask for compensation for their issues.

Best Buy


Still awaiting game ordered over a week ago

I ordered Call Of Duty WWII over a week ago, the delivery date said estimated delivery date December 28th. I spoke to many reps online and on the phone, and they all told me the same thing I can't cancel the order. You would think that if the item hasn't been shipped yet, it would be east to cancel and order right? NO! Getting an order canceled is harder than drinking water with no lips, honestly I don't understand how a delivery can take that long. I was told that they were waiting for UPS to pick it up, then when I contacted UPS they say that they were waiting for the ok from Best Buy to give them the ok to pick it up. Finally after many hours on the phone, I just asked for a supervisor to get this issue resolved. First of all I was told that the Supervisor would tell me the same information, my response was then let that Supervisor tell me that. Once I spoke to the Supervisor I told him my issue, he told me that there was nothing he could do just wait for the item to ship then send it back for a refund. He then offered me a solution, reorder the item and he would upgrade the shipping so that it would ship and get it the same day. So with hesitation I order another copy of the game Wednesday and was assured it would get there on time, it's Sunday and I'm sill awaiting the item to be delivered. From poor customer service, delivery options worse than I expected, miscommunication, policies about cancellation not understood, all around horrible experience once again. I'm not sure if Best Buy will survive retail like Circuit City, any one remember that retail chain, I'll wait to see if you guys can tell me? Seriously though after my earlier issue with Best Buy not issuing my price match, after about 4 employees told me they would Price match the item. Finally I got thru to a social media specialist about that issue, they didn't even offer mea gift card for the inconvenience and rudeness of the Store manager of the store.

Item order on November 20th still not delivered Order Number: BBY01-805507400689

B&H Photo-Video


Price matching would of been great

I gave them a link to a website that offered a better deal, but since they were out of the item I chose b&H. Unfortunately spending over a $1000 didn't matter to their sales team

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posted Nov-28-2017

A rep from B&H Photo-Video, henryp,has responded

“Thank you for your order and this feedback. We regret your dissatisfaction. We are in fact very grateful you chose to shop with us. We consider each price match question individually. We say "yes" as often as we can and regret when circumstances prevent us from doing so. -- Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video”

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