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Broken Stair Nosing

In October 2015, I purchased Jasper Engineered Oak flooring for 2 bedrooms, a hall and stairs. The flooring was professionally installed in November by a very experienced local floor installer (only does flooring installation) who had recommended BuildDirect as a source for the material. In fact, this installer regularly referred his clients to BuildDirect (a 2-3 referrals every month). In August of 2017, the stair nosing purchased with the flooring literally cracked and broke off while a child walked down the stairs, nearly injuring the child. Checking other stairs, 4 or five other stair nosings were clearly cracked and destined to break off as well. Understand that the stair nosing where it was nailed and glued is completely intact. The cracks / splits / break in the nosings were NOT caused by nails as the cracking in most cases is not running where the nails were. The stairs are inside an air-conditioned climate / humidity controlled home with a mostly constant temperature of around 73F and had been stored in my home prior to installation. The stairs are mostly used by kids weighing < 150lbs and have never been abused or received other than normal use. I contacted Build Direct to see if they would replace the stair nosings. My inititial call to Kenny Liu was met with skepticism (His comment was I have NEVER heard of that happening and he was somewhat dismissive of what I was saying...a somewhatcondescending tone). I provided photos and an explanation describing the normal use. Unfortunately, BuildDirect refused to stand behind their product and instead blamed the installer "(excessive nailing,Nails not covered with wood filler allowing moisture to penetrate...The breaks are not even on the same line as the nails!!!!). This is the same installer that had been regularly referring his cutomers to them!) There is no doubt that in spite of the lame reasons offered by Build Direct blaming the installer that the installation of the flooring was performed correctly and I was / am satisfied with the job the installer did. There is NO WAY that stair nosing should EVER break off. It should be designed and manufactured withstand normal use. Since I have NO confidence in the stair nosing product BuildDirect originally sold me and since stair nosing from other manufacturers is not compatible with the BuildDirect flooring, I am now forced to spend ~ $1500USD to replace ALL of the stair material and nosing. I approached BuildDirect in a professional manner and gave them every opportunity to do the right thing. Instead, they chose to throw the (loyal to BuildDirect) installer under the bus to save on replacement stair nosing. So they have lost me as a customer and the installer for on-going referrals to save a few hundred bucks worth of stair nosing. Hope it was worth it BuildDirect! You can bet that when opportunities arise for flooring recommendations for my family, friends and coworkers (at a large Semi-conductor company) will hear this story from me. I'll certainly recommend my installer, but not BuildDirect!

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