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"Classic "bait-and-switch" camera website. I placed an order on a Tuesday and received an email on Thursday asking me to call them in order to expedite processing of my order.

I was told that the camera I ordered could be problematic for the following reasons:

1. It was being imported directly from China and would take two to three weeks.
2. It was the Chinese version and all documentation would be in Chinese.
3. It included no charger or battery. I could of course upgrade the battery for $80 to $100 more.
4. It would have no warranty.

I was offered the US version for $130 more. I declined.

The website has a large number of positive reviews on shopperapproved.com because once you place an order, Accessory Packages will supposedly provide you free camera accessories if you review them on shopperapproved.com. The only opportunity to review them there is presented immediately after placing your order, even before your your order is processed or your merchandise is received.

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"I just placed an order with Accessory Packages. The price seemed too good to be true. The next day I received an email saying to call the processing department to expedite my order. That was annoying of itself. When I called I waited 25 minutes to talk with someone and then I was put on hold. I waited and waited. When I finally talked with the operator I was told "you placed an order for the " "Canon MarkIII international model"? Apparently the great price was for an "international model" and apparently in very fine print it said so. The international model, according to them, is a plastic version (instead of aluminum), no warranty of the same of the camera which makes me think is a china knock off of the camera. BE AWARE OF THESE GUYS.
REVISED 05/12/2015 Accessory Package Inc Customer service called me to apologize for the inconveniences of my order and to see what they could do to make up for the trouble. I changed my rating to 3 stars from 1 star because I appreciate the effort they made to satisfy the needs of a dissatisfied customer. By then I had already purchased the camera through Adorama but they made an effort. After talking with customer service representative Roger I went back on their posting to look for the specification that it was an "international". Indeed it was specified in the description but it wasn't very obvious. I didn't give 4 starts or more because I feel the customer should be well informed about the fact that he is purchasing an "international" model. It should be stated visibly and also it should list what that entails (plastic body versus aluminum, no warranty, no accessories and so forth). I also place orders online because I don't want to take the time to talk to a sales person at a store. Having to wait on the phone for over 30 minutes to talk with the processing department to expedite the order is time I don't want to spend.

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"I just cancelled my first online order with this company. I received an email and call a few days after placing an order to call this retailer about my order. Spoke to a representative who said the item was out of stock and wouldn't be delivered for another 4-5 weeks. I cancelled the order and will spend more to purchase from a trusted retailer I have previous experience dealing with. Found this retailer through a paid google ad featuring a Nikon flash with an advertised price that seemed too good to be true - guess it was. No idea if this company is legit or a scam. "

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"These guys are the worst company I've ever dealt with. I had placed an order with them BEFORE reading all these other reviews. Once I saw the reviews--and realized that the company was doing exactly the same thing to me (bait and switch)--I called and cancelled my order. Here's my saga:

I ordered a Canon camera battery from them online, because it was at a great price. Then nothing happened. When I called, they told me that the battery was out of stock, and: a) Canon no long makes its batteries, b) the Canon battery doesn't last very long anyway and c) they'll give me this better (unnamed) battery that will last longer and that normally costs more, for the same price as the Canon.

Well, I called Canon, and everything the Accessory Packages guy said was a lie. Canon still makes its own batteries, there's nothing wrong with the Canon battery life, and finally and most importantly, be wary of cheap alternative batteries because they might not have the circuitry built in to prevent overheating, which could damage your camera.

When I phoned to cancel the order, and called out the salesman on Canon still making its batteries, he had nothing to say, other than he warned me that I would never be able to order from his company again. No problem--there is a less than 0% chance that I'd ever want to buy from such a disreputable company.

Final and amusing sidebar: if you're ever unlucky enough to deal with these guys, you'll be subjected to Alan. They must operate out of a garage somewhere; no matter when you call, or what department extension you push to be transferred to, all calls wind up with Alan.

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"Very pleased. With the speed my ordered was shipped and the help received from gregg and jessie in customer service now awaiting for my flash attachment to arrive


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"Like the others have said, this is a bait and switch outfit. They draw you in to order with a low price and then call an lie and say that the OEM battery only lasts 20-30 minutes. Then they try to sell an off market part that is supposedly better. Of course they really don't have the part you ordered and claim it was back ordered. Stay away. Also put me on hold for 20 minutes before they answered and gave the bait and switch."

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"I got the same call that the battery charger I bought was on back order but they had a "better" charger that was three dollars more they could send me in five business days. I had a bad feeling about the guy on the phone and after I agreed, I checked online and found other people got the same story. I called back and told him I was cancelling. The guy completely mouthed off to me about a bunch of nonsense and just gave me the creeps. I've never experienced this ever after ordering online and will never order anything until checking reviews! After I got off the phone I cancelled my credit card so they wouldn't have it on file.

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"I bought a Nikon battery-- they called me 5 times the next day and left one message asking me to call them back regarding my purchase. When I finally spoke with them, they told me the battery I ordered was out of stock but that they would offer me a different battery with a longer life for $5 more. The battery they then sent me is a knock off brand that is very low quality. Total bait and switch tactics here. Do not purchase from this vendor."

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