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Core and random

This store has it's core items and also some random items. Know what you're shopping for - pricing varies but is often a good deal.
Staff seems to be limited, usually, but that's part and parcel of lower pricing.
The stores are basically clean, although sometimes cluttered.
The stock does change though, so be aware that the deal you got last week may not be there this week.
Be certain to have your receipt if you want to return anything. Company policy.



Know what you're getting and get it

Educating yourself as a consumer is a consumer's responsibility. Get in; get out. If you want high-end product with high-end service expect to pay high-end prices - period. The majority of the staff there will mirror the consumer's attitude; I have seen many trump a consumer's attitude with grace - above and beyond their pay-grade. Props to them.
Do I always agree with the way one of the largest retailers in the world does business? No. I know that the staff are there to do their jobs, get what pay they've accepted and go home. Don't we all?



Quick return

I was about to say, "No questions asked," but that would be crazy! As a retail department manager, it should be expected that the team member would ask if there is anything wrong with the item.
The return process has always be quick, with or without a receipt. Timing, of course, reflects my wait in line, but once at the counter, the process has always been simple.



Helpful, courteous and knowledgeable staff, decent stock, clean store

Nine times out of 10 a staff member knows where product is even if it's at the other end of the store; and if they're not sure, they'll find another team member who has the answer. Often enough they'll ask if I'm able to find what I'm looking for, and if they don't carry it will either offer to order it if it's in their network and often enough have offered information as to where I might be able to find what I'm looking for if they don't carry it.
Check out is usually quick; I admit that my timing is not always best, like showing up during lunch hours, so this is to be expected. They need to eat, and take breaks, too. A happy team member is a good team member.



Amenities logically reflected by price and quality

As a retail department manager, I get it: Yes, you pack your own bags; Yes, you need to bring a quarter for the cart (which is returned when you replace the cart); Yes, it's a warehouse style set-up; No, there isn't a lot of staff on hand; Yes, the store hours are limited.
As *should* be expected, to keep pricing down, security measures are taken (quarter for a cart), all items are loosely displayed (merchandising takes time which = $), staffing is limited and always busy *making sure that what is available is shelved, but that does not reduce their ability to be courtious. The store hours also reflect the low cost of their products.
Product is replaced on a scheduled basis, so get to know the store and be there when the items you want are scheduled to be there. Produce is seasonal which also reflects low pricing.
Convenience has a price; being responsible enough to understand this will save you money and at the same time give you excellent product from which to choose.


Get's it right

I have never had an experience where Amazon didn't do their best to make it right. As retail employee and dept. manager for over 20 years I pretty much know the business. No; the vendor, or seller, doesn't always get it right, be it through product description, shipping time, etc. And not always does the shipping company comply with certain expectations such a s damaged products. That being said, Amazon has *never* not offered to lend a hand and possibly a little leverage to make thing right.
Even if I order the wrong item, they do their best to take it back and dicker with the vendor or manufacturer on their terms, decreasing the load on me.
As well, their shipping promise has always been timely and their customer service has always been easy to work with.
5 stars!



I've bee framed!

OK, ok; I did it. But, I'm not goin' down - not alone, I tells ya. It was Christine in customer support chat. Yeah. Her. Christine! She had a hand in dis whole ting too, ya know? She helped me find what I was lookin' for. Yeah. As a matter of fact, I might not even be here right now if it wasn't for her. Ya wanna know why? I'll tell ya why: cuz, she helped make a this purchase! An' I'll tells ya anudder ting - It dint hurt. Not one bit. Does that answer yer question? Huh? (Yeah; I thought so)

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posted Mar-20-2018

A rep from GlassesUSA, glassesusa,has responded

“Dear Lance,

Thank you for the time spent on this amazing review!

We put a lot of effort into being able to continuously provide an easy and pleasant shopping experience!

We are delighted to hear you've had a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience!

We are always here for your assistance if you need any!

Your GlassesUSA Service Team ”

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