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Like a lot of shoppers, when I discovered Wish, I was overwhelmed by the huge number of products and low prices. And within a month I had to have ordered a hindered different items. But I went from overwhelmed to underwhelmed as soon as the orders started trickling in.
And I really started to think about it. First, the age old adage of (You get what you pay for.) For the most part, the products, "And I'm being nice her" were not worth even the postage. But I can pay them one complaint, they use some of the best ad writers in the business. Not only do they use great verbiage in promoting the products, they just flat lie! And the images they use are so far beyond misleading, they could win gold metals if it were an Olympic sport.
And then I started to think about the real flesh and blood human factor. How much can they be paying the real live human people that work making, packaging, and handling these items. And that's when the light bulb came on in my thick skull! What we don't think about when we send our credit card numbers off to China. The human beings that work daily for a wage that cannot be much more than slave labor. China is growing into a superpower on the broken backs of it's billions of people. All I can do is stop buying, and.write the truth as I see it. Wish, is a blood stain on everyone of us who have shopped their site!

Amazon Prime



Amazon prime. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've at least heard of Amazon. This is monster of all online stores, and PRIME, makes it even better.
My wife and I average a dozen purchases on Amazon per month. Why go out in trafic to shop, when you can do it from the comfort of your own home? There are very few things you can't find on Amazon. And with all the filters they offer, you can do so much.
Wanna always buy American? They got you covered. Want something gift wrapped, no problem, do you need the item asap? They got ya there too.
And about PRIME, no more shipping charges

Classic Firearms



This site is everything you want in a firearm site! A huge selection of arms, police and military turn ins, black powder arms, plus C&R arms. This is the spot to go to find that one gun you're missing in your collection. And the prices won't make your eyes bleed!
If I had to find a complaint, I guess it would be your phone blowing up with their emails. But that one email could hold the SMLE mark 4 you've been looking for. So, you really do wanna take a quick look at this site often. When they find a foot lot of rare arms, you better be on point, because they move VERY fast! All in all, my new favorite firearm site!

Zenni Optical


One problem

The only issue I have is the length of the temples. I ordered the large, but found them to be very short, almost the size for a child. I had to bend the ends up and the back at a deeper area, and of course now they are very loose. I picked up a lanyard to keep them snugly on my face. But I have already picked two more pair, which sound say how muck I enjoyed the selection and price.

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