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ECS Tuning


Poor customer service/order processing

Called customer service to initiate a refund for an RMA. After 2 weeks of receiving an email that my return is processed (and it would take 3-5 business days for my credit card to be credited), I still have not received a refund. I called customer service and they brushed it off as a processing error. They didn't even tell me that they changed my refund to store credit, and I have been waiting 2 weeks for a refund. No apologies given. Avoid ECS Tuning.


Poor service and bad company policy

Terrible service.
I ordered 3 eaches of a part number. Without my consent or contacting me, they hand wrote on my invoice that they are sending me a different part number that i can not use and charged me for it.  !!lThey should have contacted me and not charged me for a part i did not order and did not get my consent--other stores would contact you if there is a problem with the order!!
Customer service said i ordered the wrong part number based on my vin.  They also said that it is store policy that they can automatically change my order  based on my vin.
THIS STORE POLICY IS A PROBLEM--First off i called 2 local dealerships telling me that the part number i need is the correct part number based on my vin(another aftermarket parts store confirmed it). So either volvopartswebstore or the 2 local volvo dealerships are flawed.  Strange though that the volvopartswebstore product page is NOT complete with all the year/make/models to use the part i need-the website only has a partial list.
Second, it is a flawed store policy to automatically change orders without your consent.  I am in possession with some items that I can not use, and they were trying to have me pay for return shipping for their error ( it is not my error-i have the correct part number based on info from 2 local dealerships).
Response via phone is have to leave a message and it takes at least several hours to respond.  Despite another person's review, this slow process is not a simple, easy return--you have to leave a voice message and it takes hours before you get a response.

-OVERALL: avoid if possible because:
1. Website is hard to navigate and year/make/model compatibility info is incomplete.
2. Unethical store policy -yes you give a vin for verification purposes but they WILL change your order without your consent (Not good if their records are incomplete or wrong even if you did give the correct vin. Also not good if you are charged for an unwanted part that has a higher cost/unit than other stores.)
3. Bad customer service -slow response, tries to charge you for return shipping when the order is not your fault, no apologies given.  Tries to make the ordeal seem your fault.

***Will file with the FTC, BBB and my credit card company in the next few days, if I do not get this resolved.***

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