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Barnes and Noble


Awful e-gift card experience

I never thought I would have such a huge problem getting an e-gift card from any major company!! I ordered an e-gift card for my best friend's birthday. I normally would want to get a more personalized gift for her, but ended up getting this e-gift card as a last minute purchase. She loves books so I though a gift card from Barnes and nobles would seem a little bit more sincere than a generic gift card. The gift card never made it to her email (sucked already since it was a last minute gift), and when I contacted customer service they pretty much implied there was something wrong on her end. "Did you tell her to check spam? Is she sure its the right email? I get it, this kind of thing probably happens often. Although I was 99% sure all of the info I entered was correct, I'm willing to believe there was a mistake somewhere on my part. What shocked me is that their solution to this problem was to have their gift card department send a gift card to a different email address, which for some reason takes up to 72 hrs? ?????? 72 hrs to send a new email? What year is it? And isn't a huge part of their business online now? I had been texting customer service up until this point because I had a sore throat, but I was so confused by this I decided to call. I called AMD asked if there were any other options, after being put on hold multiple lengthy times, I was told the same thing. Should have asked for a refund then, but I decided it was just a mishap and I could roll with it. I told them to send the gift card back to my email address, so I could just forward it to my friend once I got it. I did this because I had already received 2 confirmation emails from b&n to this email address, so the gift card should get there without any problems. Well 4 days later and still no gift card, I made another phone call. Again I was put on hold for a while, and was then told that the gift card was sent yesterday. I was told my next options were to repeat the same proccess (a 3 day wait to a different email), or to "receive a refund and then place another order with the CORRECT email address." The correct email? I received 2 confirmations from them to that email! All but the gift card were received! I told them that I will be taking a refund, and I will not be purchasing another gift card as there is evidently a flaw in their system. Did some google research afterwards and it seems they have a history of this problem. Made a mistake by not researching in the first place, just didn't expect this from such a well known company. Hopefully I get my refund. Will be sticking with amazon in the future.

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