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All 11 customer reviews

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Do not buy from this company! Worst Online Retailer period that will hassle you when you try to return something. It has been almost 4 weeks and I still have not received a refund.

Made a $200+ purchase back in early June 2014 and made a return the following week. Since then, it has been almost an entire month of getting runarounds from their customer service and their online service department. Every time I call they say it will just take another 3-5 business days. I still have not received my refund and will likely have to file a dispute with my credit card company to get this resolved.

Their disclaimer is 10-14 business days from the time they receive it. But then they state that they add another 3-5 business day processing time on top of that. Do yourself a favor and buy elsewhere.



Lenovo has the absolute worst customer service in the computer retail industry. If you want to call in, it is not uncommon to wait for 45 minutes. I had to send 4 e-mails before I finally got a response back, and it was a scripted e-mail. What is upsetting about that is that they treat you like a least give me a personalized response for waiting 1 week for a reply.

I placed an order on July 31st. The website said my computer system was in stock, and that it would ship within a few days. What happened? I receive a delay notice that my item would be delayed about 2 weeks, possibly anywhere from "1 to 30 days" later.

I also found out that they mislisted the specs on the system I ordered. What did they do? Nothing. Were they expecting me to just not notice that I got a cheaper system than what I originally paid for?

Needless to say, I tried to cancel several times. Attempted 3 times on my lunch break to contact them by phone... I ended up using up my lunch breaks without even speaking to anybody. I also sent 4 e-mails...2 for questions and status updates, 2 to cancel. All in all, I count about 2 hours of my time wasted trying to establish communication with them.

I'm really disappointed with Lenovo. Even though it was a division sold by IBM, I was hoping that it would continue to live up to its name.


I've been shopping online for over 10 years now, and I have never found a store that offers the kind of service that does. is the absolute model of what a retailer should be. Why? There is absolutely no risk to buying from this place! You can buy it, try it, if you don't like it, return it. And the best part is you don't get charged a dime for return shipping. I placed a fairly large order with them, and it came as promised the next afternoon, in excellent packaging. I also returned a few of the items because they didn't fit, and it took me about 1 minute to print the label and reseal the box for return. Not a single problem with this transaction. Definitely earned my business.

*5$ discount to use overnight shipping currently
*24/7 Support
*Price guarantee
*Free return shipping
*Competitive pricing



It has been 3 weeks, and I have not received my order yet...nor do I know if it has been cancelled, shipped, or on backorder or none of the above.

I e-mailed "customerservice" 3 times about the status. All you receive when you do that is an automated message saying to check the order status yourself on their website. Well guess what? Their tracking system doesn't work.

Most the positive reviews below are horribly misleading. With this company you only get good service, if you a) get extremely lucky or b) have a business account with them. The reps will only care if they are making commission off of you.

Have never received a response from this company, so after all that wasted time, I will have to call.

This company is shady at best. And should not even be in business with the way they treat their customers.


I've ordered several times from them with no problems whatsoever.

Their shipping is so fast, that you will typically get same day or within 24 hours.

The search features are much improved than what they used to be, although there are still some kinks to work out in it. I.E. You type in a product name, and nothing shows up. But if you type in the description of the product, you get the whole list. Semi-inconvenient but not a big
deal in most cases. The prices are pretty good for everyday low prices, but I must admit that they aren't as good as they used to be a few years ago. Product prices can be hit and miss, what I mean by that is they could be the lowest price on the net, or they could be among the highest. But the nice part is that they do have a pricematch guarantee, but I believe you have to phone in for those types of orders; which is a -. The only other caveat I can think of is that I little disappointed with their house brand food that I ordered.

When I write a review I always try to remain neutral. Even though I listed some negatives(I'm not going to pretend like this is a perfect world), is by far one of the best retailers I've ever dealt with online.




I had to purchase from them because they were the only retailer that had the item I was looking for in stock. They advertised the hard drive I was looking for with a 15$ rebate, good for the day that I purchased it. The website even showed cost - rebate gives you final price. However, after I had ordered it and submitted the rebate that was in the online form, it got rejected by the manufacturer. It turned out that that rebate wasn't valid at all, and the tigerdirect either failed to update their website, or mislisted it. Anyway I'm out 15$, postage cost, and wasted my time submitting a rebate that was never going to go through.

2/23 A Customer Service rep contacted me, and credited me back the rebate and postage for the listing mistake. Would have been better if everything went smoothly the first time around, but at least they took the time to followup.

The Twister Group


2/06/07 Received my order today. However, they got my order wrong.

2/07/07 The return's department has responded quickly. May change rating depending on how well it's resolved.

2/26/07 Have had a 14 e-mail long conversation with returns department, since 2/07. They respond quickly, however they have been unhelpful. I asked for exchange, and they replied to me 3 times stating "we're checking the warehouse." Does it really take 3 weeks to check stock? If so, there are some lazy ass employees over there.

Still have not received refund or exchange, or received indication of either. I strongly recommend staying away from this company. You may think you're saving a few bucks, but time wasted, hassle, return shipping costs will make your few bucks turn into a several dollar loss at the minimum.

3/1/07 I finally received a charge back. Not without getting an angry letter from the customer service rep handling the return, stating that they handled the issue within a reasonable amount of time. 3 weeks is reasonable? The entire transaction carried on for 4 weeks. I had to send 4 e-mails before I got a response on the status update. And if I didn't send those e-mails to remind you guys to do your job, who knows if I would have even heard back from you at all.

All I wanted was a simple yes, no. I understand checking the warehouse takes time, but it should not take THAT long. A company's inventory accounting system has to be flatout non-existant to take that long.

Red Orbit


Placed an order on 12/22/2006. Received an automated e-mail a day later that my order was at the "in processing" stage. By their own transaction structure, this should take "3-24 hours" to confirm and then my card would be charged. 5 days later, still "in processing" and despite the site saying I would note be charged, I had been charged on 12/27/06...yes my order went nowhere.

I realize that holidays can back things up, so I gave it until the 12/29/06 until I sent a support ticket. Received no response. Sent another one 1/02/07, finally someone got back to me and said they would find a tracking number for me, and apologized for the "automated e-mail" problem. However, my order didn't even ship, so how could I get a tracking number? They didn't even answer my question, because I wanted to get a status update.

Send a THIRD e-mail 1/08/07, same guy finally said my order hadn't even been processed. But he would put it on rush. And I would receive it in 2-3 business days.

Horrible. My order wasn't even processed after over TWO weeks, and it probably wouldn't have even been shipped had I not kept sending support tickets! Redorbit's tracking system is inefficient, unresponsive, and unreliable. I'm usually the forgiving type as I understand how the business process works, but this was flatout ridiculous.

1/10/07: They sent me an incomplete order AND the wrong item! This is BS.. I can't understand how they can botch up such a simple order. Two of the same item. Now I have to go through the returns process and wait another who knows how long for them to correct it--if they even have the item I wanted in stock!

2/3/07 After going through returns process, I still HAVE NOT received refund. Filed complaint with BBB.


Only 3 days after receiving my item, they changed the pricing on my item. Called and e-mailed to get a pricematch. Did not honor it.

Was hesitant after reading the reviews, and should have listened. Their customer support is virtually non-existant. Good luck getting a hold of them. D-

Best Buy


Made a purchase 3 weeks ago. They cancelled my order "at their own discretion" because of their own error for mislabeling the product.

Customer service is one of the worst. The service reps they hire are not qualified and will give you different answers each time. Gave me the runarounds after multiple followups.

They need to stop hiring high school dropouts for cheap labor. Will never do business with them again.




If you ever have any problems with your product, expect to wait over 4 weeks to get your computer back! Dell will have your computer back in 4 days max! What kind of business are they running here? They are so backed up on technical support that they don't even have anyone who answers the phone.

If you have extended warranty service, you have to ship it to a very incompetent third party known as Micromedics. Shipping alone takes about 2 weeks , 5 days to receive the box, 3 days in transit,3 days for the return. They are also a very small company that provide slow response.

The money you save from this store is NOT worth the hassle that you have to deal with for the life of your product. STAY AWAY!!