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All 9 customer reviews

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Projector People


I originally ordered my Sanyo PLV-70 projector from PP in October 2002. The sales rep I dealt with at the time was Sarah Buss. She was able to match the lowest price I could find for the projector and shipped it to me without any problems. She also said that I could buy replacement bulbs from them in the future at a discount to their regular price.

In January 2004, it was time for me to buy a replacement bulb. I called Sarah up, and true to her word, she sold me the bulb at a discount.

Last week (January 2007), I had to order another replacement bulb. I emailed Sarah again and asked if she could match the lowest price I found on the web for the bulb (which included free shipping), and she gladly did that for me.

My experience with Sarah and PP has been great. I would gladly buy another projector from them in the future. If you want a great rep to deal with, you can email her directly (you can find her email address via the Projector People's customer service page).


i am changing my previous rating from very satisfied to very dissatisfied.

i ordered 5 250gb hitachi serial-ata drives from zipzoomfly and they arrived quickly. when i finally installed them, however, two of them did not work. i contacted the rma department and they told me to ship them back at my own expense. that was kind of annoying, but i figured i had no choice so i did. so that i wouldn't have to wait for them to receive it and ship replacements to me, i ordered two new drives and told them to give me a refund on the defective ones.

when they received the drives back, they said that one of the drives had a dent in it and sent me an email with an image of the damage. it was a very small dent which i hadn't noticed. in any case, they said that i had caused the dent during installation, which was totally untrue, and that any physical damage voided the warranty and they couldn't give me a refund on the drive. so they shipped it back to me.

i called customer service to complain, and spoke to one of the supervisors. his stance was that it is "impossible" (yeah, right) for them to ship out anything that is physically damaged, so any item returned damage must have been damaged by the customer.

what this means basically is if you receive something that is damaged and not caused by shipping, you're out of luck because zipzoomfly will say it's your fault.

unfotunately, i was lulled by resellerraings' fairly high rating of them. but if you look at their rating for customer service and repairs and returns, you'll see that it's quite a bit lower than their overall score. contrast that to a reseller like newegg, where their customer service and repair and returns rating is comparable to their overall rating. so if you receive everything in good shape from them, you're happy because of their prices (hence the high overall ratings), but if you receive something damaged, tough luck.

take a look at other "very dissatisfied" customer reviews here (sort the reviews by rating). you'll see that other people who received damaged items basically got the same treatment i did.

i'm currently working with my credit card company to see if they can help me out, but i'm not too hopeful. the people at zipzoomfly really don't understand customer service. i spent over $700 on equipment from them, and if they had treated me well, i would have gladly bought a lot more equipment from them. now, i'll never buy anything from them again and will tell everyone i know about their terrible customer service.


this is a shady company that tried to sell me unnecessary add-ons and warranties.

i ordered 5 250gb hitachi s-ata drives from them because they had the lowest prices. when i clicked on the button to check out, i was confronted with a page of accessories, software, extended warranties, express shipping options, etc. with several options automatically checked (i suppose i should have been suspicious at this point). i had to uncheck all of the options and chose the cheapest shipping since i wasn't in a hurry to get the drive.

a couple of days later, i get an email saying that the drive i ordered came only with a 30-day warranty and wouldn't be available for two-weeks, but if i purchased an extended 3-year warranty the drive was available immediately.

well, that made me suspicious since the 30-day warranty didn't sound right, so i checked the hitachi website and even called the hitachi 800 number and spoke to a rep who confirmed that all hitachi drives come with a 3-year warranty.

i emailed 24x7pc several times asking them to explain the difference between their 30-day warranty drive and the 3-year warranty drive, but they never responded to my questions, so i cancelled my order.

you can read a more detailed description of my experience here:

very deceptive practices, in my opinion.

KRI Computers


i bought a power supply for a new server i was putting together. it arrived fine, but when i tried to put it in the case, i discovered it didn't fit. when i called customer service to ask about it, the rep (james?) told me that the power supply would indeed fit but that the case should have come with a mounting bracket. sure enough, it was there but i didn't notice it. james knew his parts and how they fit together without having to look anything up. knowledgeable service.


i purchased a chenbro rm312 3u rackmount case and a 3ware 9500-12 raid card. acme micro (aka 8anet) had the cheapest price i could find for both, plus free shipping!

the website ordering wasn't working, but the phone order went smoothly. i bought a bulk version of the 3ware card (no retail box, manual, cables, etc.), and the rep made sure i knew that i would need to get my own cables. when i called back the next day with a question about my order, the same rep (janet) who took my order answered, and she knew who i was before i gave her any details (i guess she recognized my voice?). nice service.


i purchased four replacement batteries for an apc rackmount ups. i did a lot of searching for prices, and battery mart had by far the lowest prices. the batteries came nicely packed and are charging up right now.



ordered an asus ncch-dr motherboard (one of the few vendors to carry this version) and two xeon 2.8 800mhz fsb cpus. got free shipping on both, and at a good price. unfortunately, i didn't notice that the cpus were oem, so no heatsink or fans (i went back and looked at the website--it was stated, so my fault). so my cost savings were wiped out by the fact that i have to buy my own heatsinks and fans. oh well. otherwise a positive experience. (USA)


ordered 4x512mb kingmax ddr-400 memory, 1 hitachi 80gb serial-ata drive. everything arrived as expected, as usual. i've ordered from newegg several times before and never been disappointed.


i ordered a couple of cheap items (serial ata cables, ide adapter for slim cd-rom drive). shipping was free for the cables. ordered the items on thursday and friday, got the items on monday. my previous orders from them have been satisfactory as well.