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The Blue Dot


Good product - well packaged, obviously OEM, and just the part and no fluff! Nice to know that I can buy just the part I need from here and not a whole unit! A great experience.



I admit, I got my Xootr used at a garage sale from a fairly wealthy family. Their oldest son had just left for college, and he felt he had "outgrown" it. Since I'm 55, I knew immediately that kid was going to have miserable life. But I paid $35 measly bucks and got the best ride ever.

I work at a driving range (read: Automobile driving range) which covers 40 acres of property. Sometimes I need to get from one end of the range to the other, FAST! I run and stay in shape, but this is the only way to get where I need to be FASTER! Other coaches at the range have their own little Razors and "mountainboard" type scooters, but my Xootr is not only fast, but smooth, turns precisely, and perfectly balanced. It outperforms any scooter I've come across. It's the Ferrari of scooters!

Last year, I used my Xootr on a city-wide festival event to promote the use of two-wheels throughout the city. Modeled after "the Amazing Race," I used my Xootr to get me around to about 15 miles of the city. Other contestants and teams used bicycles. My team didn't win, but we were given a special award for the most unique use of two-wheels. Not as fast as bicycles, but certainly road worthy and got the job done in style! I see my Xootr as a true form of transportation.

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