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Would give -1 if I could!

I worked from home and I'm in process of returning (heavy) equipment back to company, ex-supervisor told me FedEx guy would carry the box with them when they delivered the labels. I got home and got FedEx slip saying I missed them & the labels were @ the grocery store down the street. I didn't mind taking the equipment back to the store just wanted to know so I could ask a friend. Any who, I let supervisor know and she says they could re-deliver labels & pick up equipment & to call them. So I call them. First guy I had to tell the situation not one, not two, wait for it......3 whole times. I literally explained everything to him and he kept saying "the packages are at the location" to which I replied, "YES I know they are at the store, that's not what I'm asking." It got to the point where I even told him exactly what I was shipping and for who and why. Eventually, I just tell him to transfer me to someone else. He does and I wait for that for a good ten minutes. Woman named "Jenny" answers, tell her specifically, per the slip, (I'm thinking since I must've said something wrong to the first guy) I am calling to "request another delivery attempt." & what I get is "I can get them to re-deliver tomorrow but may not be able to, and the package is at the Randall's down the street"" and when I tell her part of my question, yet again, she proceeds to say "the labels they delivered today are not heavy ma'am." Oh and just for good measure, I ask Jenny if she could tell me the guys' name I was just speaking with, in a very condescending tone, she goes on a lengthy spiel about confidentiality, when all she could have said was "I'm sorry I cannot give you his information." I'm pretty irritated by now so told her thanks for not helping and hung up. This is to the 1800GOFEDEX number. I will never do business with FedEx again. Ever.

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