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Maingear Computers


Nicely Built, but lied to.

well bought a machine from them, for about 10k. I did have a few requests that made this one special...

1. A specific mosfet watercooling block blocks

2. An easy way to disable the OverClocking, either a simple way thru the bios or a desktop app. Was told, "Not to worry it will be easy to enable and disable the OC. Well they did nto make a default in the bios presets , only the overclocked one was there. Nor a desktop app.

3. Called and spoke to 2 different techs, and was told that I could not disable thru the bios as I have this machine set up for Raid 0. And if I set it changed it to something else than what they set the bios for, I would/might not be able to use raid at all, as the settings would change and machine might not be workable.

I feel like I was getting the old "Yes we can do that." by the sales people, that really did not know about what a person wanted and what was possible and what was not possible.
I will say this the machine is a dream , but I do not need to overclock the CPU for browsing the web, but do need it for video editing and gaming as well. A fan died as it was installed horizontally, and it dropped down a bit and kept getting caught, they did send me out a fan right away to fix the problem.

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